This topic will explain the Lathe Stock item as it appears in the CAM Tree, and will provide links to related topics.

The Stock

Once the Lathe job had been created, the stock item in the CAM Tree can be used to either; reenter the Stock Wizard, or change the color, or adjust the transparency of the stock.


Stock - Right-click to access a context menu with the following commands:


  • Stock Wizard - opens the Lathe Stock Wizard for you to adjust the stock for the job.

  • Color - opens the Color dialog box for you to change the color of the displayed stock geometry. Select a color, or define a custom color, and click OK to close the dialog box and update the color.

  • Transparency - opens the Stock Transparency dialog box for you to modify the transparency of the stock geometry. Higher settings make the stock more transparent or see-through. After adjusting the transparency level, you can set the system default stock transparency by clicking Set Default.

  • Blank - toggles the visibility of the stock in the graphics area. This hides or shows the stock based on its current condition. Note that you can click the Stock item in the tree to temporarily display the (hidden) stock geometry, until you click another tree item.

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