The Stock Wizard (Mill / Mill Turn)


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The Stock Wizard

When creating CAM jobs, you must first define the stock geometry for the part. The stock geometry is created using the Stock Wizard.


The Stock Wizard contains two pages. The first page, Workpiece, gives you the ability to select a model to define the final product. The second page, Stock Definition, contains the Stock Type, Size, and Stock Orientation. The Stock Type defines the type of stock created. The Size defines the size of the stock. The Stock Orientation defines the stock position and orientation using the stock origin. The stock origin is used as the reference to set the stock orientation, and it is not associated with the machining origin. After creating stock, you click to go to the Machine Setup. The Machine Setup is used to define each machining origin of the program and other machine settings. The Machine Setup is essential to creating proper toolpaths.

To open the Stock Wizard, do one of the following:  


  • When creating a new job: in the Machining Job dialog box, select the job type, and click Stock Wizard.

    For Turning Jobs, view the Lathe Stock Wizard.


  • To edit the stock in a job which has already been created: in the CAM tree, right-click Stock, and click Stock Wizard.


The Stock Wizard displays in the Property Manager.

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