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This topic will explain the Current Settings dialog of The CAM Defaults, will describe how to access it, will provide links to the individual pages of the dialog, as well as links to related topics.

Current Settings

The Current Settings dialog controls various machine and posting parameters. You define and modify the machines that you use in order to create proper NC programs and simulation. Setting these options to reflect what the machine is capable of is an important part of properly setting up the software. The settings in this dialog apply to the selected machine and are saved when you click OK. In the Machine group of the Machine Parameters page, when you click Save As Default, the machine and the current settings are used as the default for each new job that is created (this determines the default machine listed for each job type in the Machining Job dialog).


The Current Settings dialog parameters change slightly depending on the type of machine that is selected on the first page (Machine Parameters). This topic explains all of the parameters that display for mill, lathe, waterjet, laser, plasma, or mill-turn machines.

To access the Current Settings Default dialog box to set the system defaults (for new files):


  • In the CAM Tree, right-click CAM Defaults, and click Current Settings.


To access the Current Settings Job dialog box and update settings for the current job only:


  • In the CAM Tree, right-click the job folder (for example, Milling Job), and click Current Settings.

After Defining Current Settings

When you are finished with all Current Settings, click OK to save all of the settings with the selected machine. After you have defined all of your machines in the Current Settings Default, they are then available for all new CAM Jobs and can be selected per job from the Current Settings Job. To learn more, view the links listed next.

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