The Job Current Settings (Mill or Mill Turn)


This topic will explain the Current Settings dialog, explain where it can be accessed from, and provide links to the topics covering the individual pages of the dialog.

The Current Settings dialog

The Current Settings Job dialog box is used to select the machine and posting settings for the current job only. All of the parameters defined in this dialog box apply to the selected machine for the current job. This dialog box is not used to create machines, rather it is used to select a machine and/or update the machine and posting parameters for the current job only. Any changes made in the dialog box are saved when you click OK.


To create a new machine or change the default settings for the software, use the Current Settings Default.

To access the Current Settings Job dialog box:


  • In the CAM Tree, right-click Milling Job (or Mill Turn Job), and click CurrentSettings.

Individual pages

Once inside the Current Settings dialog, the following pages will be available. Click on a link below to jump to that topic:


The Job Current Settings Machine Parameters

The Job Current Settings Posting

The Job Current Settings Multiaxis Posting

The Job Current Settings Comments