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Free CAD-CAM Software Trial BobCAD-CAM 3 to 5 Axis Mill

BobCAD-CAM software for milling delivers advanced 2-5 axis cutting capabilities with an integrated CAD design system and fully associative CAM programming interface. It provides CNC programming tools that deliver speed and efficiency to help you achieve fewer steps, better cuts, and more profits on all of your milling jobs.

Free CAD-CAM Software Trial BobCAD-CAM Lathe

Lathe CAD-CAM makes it easy to set facing and OD/ID roughing, finishing, threading, & grooving 2 axis toolpaths on your CNC turning machine. Define custom tool holders, inserts and part holders for a realistic simulation experience to give you the peace of mind in knowing what will occur at your actual machine.s.

Free CAD-CAM Software Trial BobCAD-CAM Mill Turn
Mill Turn

Mill Turn combines all of the functionality of CAD-CAM for both mill and lathe in a single streamlined programming software for multitask machining environments. Use it to perform everything from simple 2 axis turning and 3 & 4 axis milling to full 4 & 5 axis simultaneous machining on mill turn/multitasking machines.

Free CAD-CAM Software Trial BobCAD-CAM Wire EDM

Easily create precise 2 & 4 axis wirepath CNC programming with CAD-CAM for Wire EDM. This powerful software allows you to set up open & closed, inside & outside shape programming and lets you set up custom skim passes, independent lead-ins/lead-outs, glue stops, and more for a complete wire EDM programming solution.

Free CAD-CAM Software Trial BobCAD-CAM Router

Router CAD-CAM delivers efficient toolpath strategies to handle everything from simple 2.5 axis cutting to complex 4 & 5 axis machining. This easy to use software is a complete design and CNC programming solution that’s perfect for woodworking, engraving, production shape nesting, sign making, and much more.

Free CAD-CAM Software Trial BobCAD-CAM Laser, Plasma, & WaterJet
Laser, Plasma, & WaterJet

CNC programming software for laser, plasma, and waterjet machines offers a fully integrated CAD design system and powerful cutting strategies to handle all of your simple and complex 2-5 axis jobs. Fully customizable cutting condition options, which can be saved and reapplied on future jobs, give you complete control over how your parts are cut.

Free CAD-CAM Software Trial BobCAD-CAM BobNEST

Powerful true shape nesting algorithms provide faster and smarter sheet optimizing functionality to increase your per job profitability. Advanced nesting tools like batch processing, part priority, and part in part nesting offers superior sheet yield technology for CNC mill, router, laser, plasma, and waterjet shops..

Free CAD-CAM Software Trial BobCAD-CAM

Turn your artistic imagination into a manufacturing reality with the powerful CAD design tools of BobART! Sign makers, custom woodworkers, mold makers, jewelry makers, musical instrument makers, and more use BobART to convert images from raster to vector to perform embossing, carving, engraving, and 3D relief work.

BobCAM for SolidWorks™

BobCAM for SolidWorks™ – 3 Axis Mill

BobCAM for SolidWorks™ provides integrated CAM technology right inside SolidWorks Standard or Pro. Add-Ins are available offering best-in-class 2 & 3 Axis toolpaths for CNC Milling, Routing and more.

BobCAM for SolidWorks™ – 4 & 5 Multiaxis Mill

BobCAM for SolidWorks™ provides integrated CAM technology right inside SolidWorks. 5 Axis Standard or Pro Add-Ins are available, using associate Toolpath Strategies for your Multiaxis Machining.

BobCAM for SolidWorks™ – 2 Axis Lathe

The BobCAM for SolidWorks™ Gold Partner Lathe Add-In integrates directly inside of your current SolidWorks software allowing you to program your CNC Turning Center Faster, Smarter and Easier!