NC Editor Pro

Powerful easy to use G-code editing

Industry-proven CAM technology for SOLIDWORKS

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Fast & Powerful G-Code Editing, Simulation and DNC

BobCAD-CAM’s New NC Editor Pro puts powerful easy to use G-code editing, simulation and DNC communications in your hands. Graphic display and edit your NC programs for 2,3 and 4 Axis Milling or 2 Axis turning routines. Unique folding structure allows users to quickly collapse or expand g-code programs based on tool numbers.


Get more done is less time when using document template. Capture and reuse the Emboss Model Tree, Emboss Features, layers and more. Huge time saver for BobART projects that use similar Emboss features. Discover all the exciting and powerful new features in BobCAD-CAM V33.


BobCAD-CAM’s NC Editor Pro is the next generation of shop floor communication and G-code editing software. Quickly backplot your NC programs for graphical verification, or run a solid simulation to see your g-code programs come to life! Read files easier with color mapped G and M codes. Isolate blocks of code specific to tools with the NC editors unique folding tool blocks


Use the clipboard to cut copy and paste blocks of codes from one section of a program to another.


Quickly find and replace blocks of code as needed. Match case and whole words.

Block Numbers

Re-sequence lines numbers after program modifications. Reduce file size by removing blank lines and spaces.


Override your feed and speeds limited by selected blocks, up to the next tool change or the entire file. Utilize the value editor to modify or alter values in the nc program using mathematical functions.

Folding Tool Blocks

Collapse or expand your NC programs grouped by Tool numbers. This unique folding feature makes it very easy to isolate Tool specific blocks of code.

Tool Change/Comment

Advanced to the next or previous tool change or comment block with a single mouse click.


Load 2 NC programs side by side for comparison and quick identify differences. Great for spotting and validating code changes made at the controller.


Reset, play, pause, single block or fast forward through your verification or backplot.


Choose either solid simulation verification or backplotting to visualize NC programs. Users can choose controller templates for various NC formats.


Choose standard predefined views: Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, Right or Isometric. Rotate, Pan and Zoom dynamically with your mouse.


Toggle on and off the display of: Coordinate system, Axes,, Axes values, Tools and holders.


Save, Load or update machine and job specific tools, toolholders, stock and work offsets. Great for verification of programs not posted and passed from BobCAD.


Serial connection settings for RS-232 DNC transfer from your PC to controller. Adjust the controller specific protocols like: Port, Baud Rate, Parity, Data Bits, Stop Bits and Flow control.


After running a verification or backplot users are supplied with Tool specific and overall statics about the NC program. Details about, toolpath lengths, Min /Max travels, Min/Max rotations, feedrate and spindle that can be exported as a text file.



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