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BobART is available as an add-on module to any of the milling CAD-CAM software products. It allows you to apply creative artwork to CNC manufactured parts. This powerful artistic software allows you to take a picture or drawing and convert it into relief model or vectorized geometry that can be machined by a CNC mill, router, waterjet, laser, or burning machine. Simply open an image file and you’re just a few steps away from engraving, carving, or embossing with powerful CAM programming. This is a must have CNC router software and CAD design tool for industries that work with sign making, custom wood working, jewelry making, instrument machining, engraving work, mold making, and much more.

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The BobART design software from BobCAD-CAM is one of the most powerful and easy to use artistic CAD-CAM software you’ll ever experience…See it for yourself, test it today for FREE!

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NEW FEATURE: Network Licensing

Newly introduced network licensing eliminates purchasing a licensed copy of the software for each individual workstation. Instead, licenses only need to be purchased based on the number of stations you may need active simultaneously. Those licenses are stored on the server and available from any connected station, unified by a single login and password.
The latest BobART technology is a fun art add-on that’s easy enough for the novice or occasional user, yet powerful enough for the advanced CAD-CAM user that wants to perfect their artistic manufacturing projects. The artistic features of BobART include: the ability to wrap models, emboss models from imported STL file components, save components or the entire project as an STL, access up to 64 different vectorization color levels, use custom cross sections to have more control over creating your embossed models and much more. From basic 2 through 3 axis machining, the integrated and fully associative CAM software provides the means of creating some of the most intricate and amazing artistic results seen today.

Features of Artistic CAD-CAM in BobART

Sketch, Photo, or Image Conversion From Raster to Vector

Sketch, Photo, or Image Conversion From Raster to Vector
Sketch a design on paper or take a photo or image, scan it to your computer, and import the file to BobART. From here you can easily convert your sketch, photo, or image to vector and edit the geometry as needed to prepare it for embossing, debossing, and relief jobs.

Embossing & Wrapping

Embossing & Wrapping
Easily wrap a 2D image file onto a 3D model for embossing and debossing jobs.

Create A Relief Model From An Image

Create A Relief Model From An Image
The “Emboss From Image” function in BobART allows you to instantly create a relief model from an image file.

Texturing, Sculpting, & Smoothing

Texturing, Sculpting, & Smoothing
Machine a range of surface textures and finishes to give your parts a custom look and feel. Do everything from a hand carved look to perfectly smooth finishes, wavy surfaces, geometric textures, and much more.

Emboss From Component

Emboss From Component
BobART gives you the ability to either import STL files or utilize previously created embossed files and use them in combination with one another on new jobs.


V-Carving & X-Cornering
V-Carving functionality allows you to use a v-cutting tool or combination v-cutter and end mill to create flats with tapered walls, perfect for custom woodworking and sign making applications. Additionally, the v-carving wizard allows you to create a chiseled finish by automatically generating a centerline toolpath for your fonts.


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