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BobCAD-CAM for 4 Axis Standard

The latest BobCAD-CAM CNC software is modular which means that you don’t have to pay more for toolpath and machining capabilities that you don’t need. The 4 Axis Standard add-on is available at an affordable cost to those that need 4 axis indexing & wrapping capabilities. By selecting part faces you can automatically detect indexes and rotation angles. Our new un-wrapping CAD feature helps simplify the rotary conversion while you create your jobs in a Job Tree Manager that is very easy to use for 4th Axis CNC Programming! The new Dynamic Machining Strategies are wizard driven to remove the guesswork from this level of cnc programming and provide you with quality toolpath and machining technology that has been made simple and affordable.

CAM & Machining Features 4 Axis Mill
Dynamic machining Strategies
Advanced Tool Patterns
4 Axis Indexing
4 Axis Wrapping
4 Axis Rotary



4 Axis STD Mill Product CTA

BobCAD-CAM 4 Axis Mill Standard
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Customer Testimonials

“I began programming cnc’s around twenty years ago and have used many different cad/cam packages. I use BobCAD now and I have recommended you to numerous companies here in England and I am surprised that it is not the number one in the world. Please accept my thanks for your friendly and helpful team. I will insist on BobCAD wherever I might work in the future.”

G.H – Beaumanor Fluid Power Products

“Bob CAD-CAM is the best software I’ve ever used. The cost of other software’s don’t compare to the quality and useability that Bob-CAD offers. Being a Solid Works user we have now streamlined our engineering and design departments and merged the wood-shop together into one entity. Upgrading and keeping up with the newer versions every year keeps us on top of new technologies. I’ve using Bob-cad for 23 years since version 12. I’m really happy with all the progress and development. Keep up the great work. Thank you”

Scotty Bevilacqua - Bevilacqua Guitars

"Within hours of installing it on my computer, I was emailing a DXF file to a manufacturer to have my newly designed first parts waterjet cut."

Hot Rod Inlines

"We are confident we can make any part we quote on, and we know the results we are going to get with BobCAD are going to be excellent"

SE Model

"One perk about BobCAD is that our operators have very little editing at the machine because the programs from BobCAD are right the first time and make quality parts."

Foreman GW Tool & Die