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BobCAD-CAM Product Lifecycle

BobCAD-CAM products will go through a lifecycle from “Active Support” to “Retired,” as further described below. In addition, at BobCAD-CAM’s sole discretion, some BobCAD-CAM Product (s) may go through a “Passive Support” and/or an “Unsupported” lifecycle period as well.


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Active Support

Current Version – BobCAD-CAM , BobCAM

Once a Release of a BobCAD-CAM Product becomes generally available, such Release will enter the Active Support lifecycle period. During Active Support, BobCAD-CAM’s Technical Support Engineers will work with Licensee to resolve Incidents & Handle Bug issues and feature requests. Active Support will be provided for at least one Release within a Major Release Family for 45 days from the date of the initial Major Release without a service contract.


Passive Support

5 Versions Prior to Current Version

If a release of a BobCAD-CAM Product is beyond the period of Active Support, then BobCAD-CAM may designate certain BobCAD-CAM Products eligible for a Passive Support lifecycle. If BobCAD-CAM designates a BobCAD-CAM product eligible for Passive Support, then during passive support, BobCAD-CAM’s Technical Support Engineers will work with Licensee to resolve Incidents. The Licensee is not eligible for any Service Packs, Patches, Hotfixes or other Workarounds. To receive any such Releases or support, Licensee must upgrade to a Release that is still under Active Support.


Unsupported Versions

All Older Versions

BobCAD Technical support will not be able to assist, modify or create post-processors for unsupported versions. Installation of older versions on newer operating systems is not supported. At BobCAD-CAM’s discretion registration will continue for older versions. Registration can be obtained through the BobCAD-CAM registration department at 877-262-2231.

Application retirement

Also called application decommissioning, retired versions of BobCAD-CAM will no longer be hosted or provided By BobCAD-CAM Inc. and new software license registrations will no longer be issued.
Version 18 and Version 22 have been retired. These programs are not able to be registered.