Machine Configuration


One of the first steps in setting up the software for machining is to define your machine and posting parameters. This is necessary to create proper NC programs.

Machine Configuration for Mill, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, and Lathe

Machine configuration for mill, lathe, laser, plasma, and waterjet machines is accomplished using the Current Settings dialog box. You can define as many machines as needed (one for each machine in your shop). If you define more than one machine, you can select a different machine for the current open file only by using the Current Settings (Job) dialog box or the Machine item in the CAM Tree. For explanations of all the dialog box settings, view the Current Settings Default and the Current Settings Job.

How to Create a Machine

To create a new machine:


  1. In the CAM Tree, right-click CAM Defaults, and click Current Settings.

    In the Current Settings dialog box, on the left side, click Machine Parameters.

  2. In the Machine group, click Add.

  3. In the Add/Modify Machine dialog box, next to Machine Name, type the name of the machine.

    Next to Type, click the arrow, and select a machine type.

  4. Next to Axes, click the arrow, and select the number of axes for the machine. (This step is not required if you have selected a Lathe machine.)

    For all machine types except lathe, the selection made here automatically creates a template for the machine in the Machine Definition. When User Defined is selected, the Machine Definition tree is left empty for you to manually create all machine elements. (Lathe does not currently use the Machine Definition.)

    Click OK to close the Add/Modify Machine dialog box.

  5. The next step is to define all of the parameters found in the Current Settings dialog box.

    This includes the remaining Machine Parameters, the Machine Definition, Posting, and Multiaxis Posting parameters.


Important: Be sure to select the proper Post Processor for the machine in the Posting page.


  1. To make the machine the default for all new files, in the Machine Parameters page, click Save As Default.

  2. After defining all of the parameters, click OK to close the dialog box and save all of the settings with the machine.


If you do not click OK, the settings are not saved.


For an in-depth look at creating a machine, view How to Create a Machine.

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