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Get in the know with BobCAD-CAM

Here you will find product overview and getting started videos for BobCAD-CAM.

v27 Getting Started


Upgrade Migration


Machine Configuration

Material Library

Tool Library

Cutting Conditions

Tool Patterns

CAD Tutorial

Mill Tutorial

Lathe Tutorial


Sending Files

v26 CAM Clips

Advanced Roughing with Step Reduction Technology

Dynamic Machining Strategies for 2 Axis CNC Machining

Simplified CAM Tree

Copy & Paste in the CAM Tree

The Job Setup Wizard

Custom Posting for Machining

Customizable Job Setup Sheets

Enhanced Tool Patterns

Enhanced Thread Milling

Corner Rounding Tool & Operations

Equidistant REST Finishing

Traditional Vs. High Speed Toolpath

Product Overviews

BobCAD-CAM V26 Overview

Reasons to Upgrade

BobCAD-CAM CNC Lathe Software

BobCAD-CAM CNC Mill Software

BobCAD-CAM CNC Toolpath Wizards

Multiaxis PRO Level Machine Simulation

BobCAD-CAM V25 Features (Part 1)

BobCAD-CAM V25 Features (Part 2)

BobCAD-CAM V25 Features (Part 3)

BobCAD-CAM V25 Features (Part 4)

BobCAD-CAM Stock Wizard

4 Axis CNC Software

Nesting Add-On Overview

Predator CNC Editor Upgrade Demo

Predator CNC Editor Overview

Machinist ToolBox Overview

NEW BobART PRO Overview


BobCAM V4 Getting Started

Installation and Registration
Tool Library
Machine Setup
Material Library
Stock Wizard
Mill Part Example
Lathe Part Example
Mill and Lathe Posting and Simulation
Setup Sheets
RS 232 Communications
Upgrade Migration

V26 Getting Started


Upgrade Migration

Installation and Registration

Machine Configuration

Material Library

Tool Library

Cutting Conditions

Tool Patterns

CAD Tutorial

MILL Tutorial

Lathe Tutorial


Saving Files and RS232

Wire EDM

V25 Getting Started

Installation Instructions

Setting up the tool database for Mill & Router

Machine Setup for Mill & Router

Material Library Feeds & Speeds for Mill & Router

Drilling Operation Setup for Mill & Router

The Stock Wizard for Mill Router Plasma Laser & Water-Jet

Mill & Router Tutorial

Lathe Tutorial

RS232 Setup

BobArt & Nesting

V24 Getting Started

Installation Instructions


Downloading & Installing Post Processors

Adding Machine Make & Model

Adding Tools

Setting Up Materials

Drilling & Compound Operations

2D Drawing Lesson

2D Machining Lesson

Simulation & Posting

Lathe Drawing Example

Lathe Programming

Laser, Plasma, Waterjet Settings

Customizing the Screen Toolbars

Customizing the Post Processor

BobART Pro Emboss & Machine Toolpath Demo

BobART Pro Smoothing Operation Example