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Experience How Powerful and Easy to Use BobCAD-CAM Is Now.

“I purchased BobCad-Cam 2 years ago. The program itself is very user friendly and was easy to connect to my 4 axis machine. I was very UN-proficient in using any design software for CNC machine coding. BobCad has been amazing with the IT support and training opportunities for their product. Any time I ran in to a problem with my programming they were always just a phone call or email away to help me figure out where I went wrong. I did a one day training at their office in Florida and by the time I left there I was pretty close to an unofficial expert! I was able to go home and immediately apply what I learned and designed there. I cannot say enough good things about their support staff.”

S.F | Fish’s Cues

“We just made the switch to @bobcadcam for our processes. By using this software we have a greater control over processing to our machines. Our annuals costs are lower with out compromising any features and we have the ability to expand at a much faster and more efficient rate.There are many good CAD/CAM programs but after really looking things over we decided to go with BobCad”

D.S | Carbon Shock Technologies

“Bob CAD-CAM is the best software I’ve ever used.
The cost of other software’s don’t compare to the quality and useability that Bob-CAD offers. Being a Solid Works user we have now streamlined our engineering and design departments and merged the wood-shop together into one entity. Upgrading and keeping up with the newer versions every year keeps us on top of new technologies. I’ve using Bob-cad for 23 years since version 12. I’m really happy with all the progress and development. Keep up the great work. Thank you”
Scotty Bevilacqua | Bevilacqua Guitars

“At a point, a year ago, we decided to buy and learn BobCAD, so we purchased the software and the training videos. We sat down and watched the videos in their entirety, and researched what we couldn’t grasp or understand to be sure we had it right. Whenever we needed to ask BobCAD anything, they were right there to answer and help, and that really helped. Once we had the software, one week later we were making parts! We started recreating parts our programmer had done before, to compare results, and then we jumped into making parts for our customers –no matter how complicated, we found ways with BobCAD. Since, then we haven’t looked back. The support is second to none and we have gone from 20 hour setups per job with our programmer, we went to setups of less than 2 hours for very complex parts and much shorter for simple ones –and we do them ourselves! “

Mateo S. – SE Model Products, Inc. | Miami, FL

“Having a combined CAD/CAM software package was a necessity for me in my niche vintage engine business. It had to be affordable, yet without much of a learning curve. Having some basic CAD/CAM experience, I chose BobCAD-CAM because it met all of my criteria plus it is easy to use. Within hours of installing it on my computer, I was emailing a DXF file to a manufacturer to have my newly designed first parts waterjet cut. I had my parts in hand in less than 5 days. By the end of the second week of installing BobCAD-CAM, I received my second newly designed parts laser cut and in hand. From concept to parts in hand in less than a week is awesome! BobCAD-CAM is the “real deal”, it instantly took my business to a new level.”

S. Marshall – Marshall Since | Hot Rod

“I have written 9031 NC programs using BobCAD-CAM software. I’ve modified approximately 3000 additional programs due to part changes and modifications. This represents between 4 and 7 million dollars worth of income over a 16 year period. We just ran a 3D roughing a planar contour program followed by an Equidistant finish profile on our Haas CNC mill. It worked perfect. The finish is phenomenal!”

M. Spencer – Spencer Corporation | Santa Clara, CA

“I began programming cnc’s around twenty years ago and have used many different cad/cam packages. I use BobCAD now and I have recommended you to numerous companies here in England and I am surprised that it is not the number one in the world. Please accept my thanks for your friendly and helpful team. I will insist on BobCAD wherever I might work in the future.”

G.H – Beaumanor Fluid Power Products | Leicester , England

“Software support is very important to me and your team did a great job!”

A.M – Can U See Signs | Colombia, SC

“BobCAD was instrumental in making my department profitable from the start. I have found it to be unbeatable when it comes to the features you get for the price you pay. An unrivaled value!”

D. J – Fadal CNC | Meridian, ID

“I use BobCAD primarily to design and machine the pattern work that is then used in the last wax casting process in a local foundry. Using BobCAD has increased my capability for accurately producing complex 3D parts ten-fold. The BobCAD team and the user community is second to none.”

I.H – 3C Innovation | Chesire, United Kingdom

“Your support was fantastic. That kind of service does not happen very often anymore – I am extremely pleased.”

J.M | Baldwin, WI

“The tech person I talked to was by far the best I have ever had. Very knowledgeable. He was willing to show and explain. 10+”

V.R – RAMSE Technologies | Sioux Falls, SD

“I use BobCAD at my shop to make knee and hip implant tooling that doctors and surgeons use every day. From multiple part assemblies to single 3D parts, BobCAD gives me the affordable flexibility to get parts from design to cutting in no time. Whether I get a file from a customer or I draw it myself, the CAM interface makes it easy to get my tools applied, program into the machine control, and get going!”

J.B | Cameron Park, CA

“BobCAD is pretty damn good software… enough said! You should try the new version..”

CNC Zone Post

“Without this software, I’d be lost. Great company, great product! Thank you BOBCAD”

D.J – BG Paintball | Woods Cross, UT

“BobCAD always does a great job for me…”

D.C – Modern Machine | Galesburg, MI

“I love my BobCAD-CAM!!!”

T.V – Jax Specialty Signs | Jacksonville, FL

“Since we use BobCAD every day, we discovered that it was easier to visualize and edit than any CAM product we had used before. We are BobCAD customers for life!”

C.H – Applied Physical Electronics, L.C | Hatfield, TX

“I use BobCAD to create one off car and motorcycle parts on my Hurco BMC 4020. From simple parts to complex 3d shapes, BobCAD allows me to create this in less time and effort. What an awesome product for the money. Go BobCAD team!”

H.K – Engage Software | St. Louis, MO

“BobCAD it the most useful tool in my work shop. I’m developing a stringed musical instrument business that used to wreck my hands and limit my ability to play. With BobCAM and its ease to use I can cut parts in 15% of the time it used to take me to hand make them.”

D.K – Douglas Strings | North Ridgenille, OH

“My advice to anyone looking to procure CAM software in the near future: Don’t be fooled by the cost, BobCAD-CAM will do everything you need. Don’t get hooked into outrageous licensing, maintenance fees from the ‘other guys,’ not to mention paying for every post processor you need. Give BobCAD-CAM software a try: download a trial, and try it. I used the ‘other guys’ for 20+ years… I won’t use them anymore.”

P.N – Nova Research, LLC. | New Bern, NC

“We use BobCAD everyday with our milling operations! BobCAD has made it easier to post long, drawn out programs to the Machine with speed and precision!”

M.B – Bradley Supply, Inc. | Hornell, NY

“I use BobCAD for prototype and production parts on several 3-axis mills. I looked at various CAM software packages before discovering BobCAD. Now I can have the new part for my customer programmed and in the mill in about 15 min! And the tech support is awesome! I am very happy with BobCAD.”

G.A – Ballard Mechanical Design, LLC. | Renton, WA

“Overall BobCAD-CAM is the best software out for the money. Please continue keeping the cost down for the small companies like us. It is the only way that we can have the software to compete with the large companies.”

M.A – Tri-Went, Inc. | Knoxville, TN

“I can’t even tell you how much BobCAD has help me in the shop. Thank you all, I love it.”

S.E – Precision Contacts | Fair Oaks, CA

“We make the best gas engines for giant same model aircraft with BobCAD, and we wouldn’t change it for anything! BobCAD allows us to create beautiful parts fast and efficiently, and their customer support is second to none. BobCAD for us has been the difference between having to contract CAM services, and being able to create our parts by ourselves.”

M.S – SE Model Products | Miami, FL

“We use BobCAD on our Amada Laser. We design and nest using BobCAD to get the most out of our machine. We have also started using BobCAD on our Flow Waterjet and are having great results. BobCAD has been a great tool and the new features in the latest version are working flawlessly. The best thing about BobCAD is the ability to import files from our other software and use the utilities drop down menu to connect the lines and arcs to make a complete part with ease.”

D.P – N-Fab | Houston, TX