BobCAM For Rhino V1 Newly Released

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BobCAM For Rhino V1 Newly Released - The newest CAM plug-in for Rhino® 6 & 7BobCAM For Rhino V1 Newly Released – The newest CAM plug-in for Rhino® 6 & 7
Finally! Decades of professional CAM experience are made available for Rhino®.
BobCAD-CAM has announced the release of BobCAM for Rhino – setting new standards for material-removing production.
BobCAD-CAM is one of the leading CAM systems with more than 155,000 users worldwide. Since 1985 BobCAD-CAM has been developing user-friendly and cost-effective CAD-CAM software. The software offers CNC programming solutions for milling, turning-milling, waterjet, plasma, laser, and wire-cutting machines.
Rhino is the world’s most diverse 3D modeler for professionals, used universally in areas such as product design, architecture, shipbuilding, tool and mold making.
BobCAM for Rhino integrates CAD and CAM functions in a single setting thus enabling a seamless transition from the design process to toolpath programming, simulation, and G-code processing.
At BobCAD-CAM software is developed by machinists for machinists. Many of the software engineers began their careers programming, setting up, and operating CNC machines in manufacturing companies. Their understanding of the industry creates effective solutions for day-to-day business.
BobCAM for Rhino: 2 – 5 axis simultaneous milling, 2 – 4 axis wire EDM, 2 axis turning, drilling, water jet, plasma, laser cutting – stable and extremely budget-friendly with a unique price / performance ratio. BobCAM for Rhino is modular and can grow with the CAM requirements.
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