BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ Version Matrix

32-bit Application    
Lathe Module
64-bit Application  
Mill 4 Axis Pro Module  
Mill 5 Axis Standard Module  
Mill 5 Axis Pro Module  
BobART Module      
Mill Turn Module      
Network Licensing      
Mill 3 Axis Premium Module      
On-Line License Registration      
Part & Assembly Programming        
Mill V3 V4 V5 V6 V7
Mill Machining Wizards
Advanced Pocketing with Adaptive Roughing
3 Axis Adaptive Roughing
Multi-Pass Pencil Milling
Facing Cycle Enhancements
Toolpath Patterning
Rotary Toolpath
3+2 Positioning / Indexing
5 Axis Trimming
Surface Based Toolpaths
Multiaxis Roughing
SWARF Machining
New Tool Types Supported: Tapered Endmill, T-Cutter, Dove Mill, Lollipop
Machine Definitions and Full Machine Simultion
Multiple Depths for 3D Engrave Roughing  
Multiple Threads per Feature & Thread Start Angle  
Create Multiple Toolpath Patterns  
Chain Start Point at the Feature Level and Operation Level  
Boundaries at the Feature Level and Operation Level  
More Tool Types for Profile Operations  
Corner Round Tool and Operations  
Rest Machining with Advanced Pocket  
Lead Enhancements for 2 Axis Machining  
New Advanced Planar Toolpath  
New Advanced Z Level Finish Toolpath  
New Project Curves Toolpath  
Enhancements to Equidistant Toolpath  
New Options for Advanced Rough Toolpath - Parallel Cut Pattern, Intermediate Slices Control, Trim to Stock, Smooth Links Gap Size  
4 Axis Wrapping Enhancements  
Enhanced SWARF Feature  
Multiaxis Roughing Enhancements  
Gouge Checking Enhancements  
New Tool Axis Control  
Enhancements to Clearances and Leads    
Drill Multiple Depths in a Single Feature    
Advanced Retract Options    
Standard, Multiaxis, and Cross Drilling    
Hole Geometry Selection Manager    
Smart Filtering of Geometry Selections    
Use Hole Feature Recognition to Automatically Set Drilling Parameters    
Custom Tool Shapes for Milling Tools    
Tabbing for 2 Axis Profiling    
Linking Added to 2 Axis Advanced Pocket    
Perpendicular Stepover for Advanced Planar    
Round Corners for Advanced Planar    
Improved Adaptive Toolpath    
Enhanced Z Level Finish Operation    
Separate Side and Bottom Allowance for 3 Axis Toolpaths    
Revolve Stock Type    
New Flowline Toolpath    
New Mirror Option for Multiaxis Toolpaths    
Optimized Multiaxis Posting Settings    
Support for 4 Axis Machines with Rotary Along Z    
Wrapped Toolpath Improvements    
Trim to Stock for 4 Axis Rotary    
Gouge Checking - Retract Along Tool Plane    
Retract to Incremental Clearance Area    
Maximum Angle Step for Rotation Axis      
Minimize Tool Retracts      
Toolpath Pattern - Points      
Machine Sequence for Standard Drilling Operations      
Tapered Thread Milling Capabilities      
Thread Mill Side Roughing      
Machine Compensation Support for Thread Milling      
New Thread Mill Tool Types      
Spiral Pocketing for Circles      
Helical Arc Output for Spiral Entities      
Advanced Pocket Calculation Improvements      
Improved Open Shape Detection      
Gouge Checking for Mill 3 Axis Pro Toolpaths      
Rest Finishing from STL Stock Model      
Improvements to the Angle Range Calculations      
Improved Calculation Speed and Toolpath Quality for Advanced Rough      
Parallel Cutting - Profile After for Advanced Rough      
Stock Thickness Detection for Rest Machining Added to Advanced Rough      
Tool Outside, Inside, Center and Offset Boundards for Advanced Rough      
Parallel and Adaptive Patterns for Flatlands      
Round Corners for Advanced Planar      
Step Down for Advanced Planar      
Full Contour Pass Options for Advanced Z Level Finish      
New Mill 3 Axis Premium Module      
Machine Sequence for Cross, or Multiaxis Drilling Operations      
Extend Edge Curve      
Exact Stepover Option      
Common Direction Tilting Options      
User Controlled Point Distribution      
Maintain Tilt      
Fixture Selection        
Drag Knife        
Adaptive Face Feature & Stock Boundary Recognition        
Machine Sequence Sorting Patterns (Extrnal & Internal)        
Multi-Step Chamfer Milling        
Peck Plunge Lead In        
Extend & Trim Profiles        
Toolpath Editor        
Parallel Pocket Pattern        
Offset In /Out Pocket Pattern        
Morph Spiral Pocket Pattern        
Adaptive Roughing with Breakthough Adjustment        
Dynamic Holder Collision Avoidance        
Vertical Arc Lead In        
Advanced Z-Level Finish Start Point Control        
Advanced Z Level Finish Undercutting        
Round Corner/Smooth Corner Calculation        
Expand Rest Machining Area        
Multisple Surface Selection for Flowline        
Lead In - Reverse Orthogonal Line        
Automatic Arc Lead        
Rotary Adaptive Stepover        
4 Axis Roughing & Finishing        
Rapid Distance in Tool Plane        
Tool Axis Smoothing        
Contact Point Feed Rate Optimization        
Swarf Normal to Guide Curve        
Swarf Sort From Bottom        
Multiaxis Roughing Dynamic Holder Collision Checking        
Extend Cuts from Stock        
Gradual Front Shift Change        
Rotational/Peridoic Pocketing Geometry        
Gradual Side Tilt Angle Change for Fixed Angle to Axis        
Blended Spline Linking Clearance        
Automatic Arc Lead        
Automatic Start Height for Position Line Lead-in        
Automatic Clearance Area        
CAM V3 V4 V5 V6 V7
Multiple Setups
Multi-Threaded 3 Axis Pro Toolpath Calculations
Stock Wizard
Wrapping Groups
Tool Crib
Material/Cutting Conditions
Tool Holder Library
Full Machine Simulation
Support for Multiple Machining Jobs in One File  
Copy & Paste Features & Operations  
Dynamic Machining Strategies in the CAM Wizards  
Geometry Based Machining  
Apply to All Operations / Apply to All Features  
Dynamic Posting Order  
Job Setup Sheets  
Improved Tool Pattern  
Collission & Proximity Alert in Simulation  
Workpiece Selection for Simulation    
Set Default Stock Transparency    
New Simulation Interface with Ribbon Bar    
Update All Geometry (CAM Tree)      
Groups (CAM Tree)      
Smart View (Rotation Cube) in Simulation      
Automatic Quality Improvements During Simulation      
Measure Between Components in Simulation      
Video Capture in Simulation      
Part Image Added to the Setup Sheets      
Advanced Feedrate Control        
Edit Operation        
Toolpath Start/End Indicators        
Lock/Unlock Operations        
NC Editor        
Toolpath Statistics        
Multiple/Split Window Simulation        
Double Click for move list location        
Toolpath Section Plane        
ABC Axis Value Change        
Operation Highlight        
Thicken Operation        
Move list based on operation color        
Jump to First / Last Move        
Measure Grid        
Zoom Window        
Show Previous View        
Full Screen Mode        
Automatic Coloring Mode for Tool Axis Vectors        
Machine Configuration display arrows for direction        
Highlight Object in Simulation        
Highligting for Collision Checking Groups        
Machine Simulation Move List Improvements        
Axis Control Input Value        
Improved Pop Up Notifications        
Simulation view roation point marked        
Automatic Chip Removal Based on Volume        
Transorm Plane Output (Fanuc G68.2 or equivalent)        
Origin Tracking (HAAS DWO)        
Degree Per Minute Output        
New Post Variables        
Lathe V3 V4 V5 V6 V7
Lathe Jobs
Cut Profiles Detected from the Solid Model
New Methods for Determining Maximum Profile for Non-Cylindrical Models
Option to Remove Undercutting and Grooves from Geometry Selection for Roughing and Finishing
Machining Features for Roughing, Finishing, Grooving, Drilling, Cut off, and Stock Feed
Tapping Feature
Lathe System Compensation Without Collission Detection
Lathe Wizards  
Improved Lathe Feature Creation  
Lathe Stock Wizard  
Lathe Drilling Matches Mill    
Improved Lathe Profile Detection    
Completely Enhanced Lathe System      
Spun Profile for Lathe Features      
Stock Tracking      
Trim to Stock      
New Lathe Tool and Holder Definitions      
Feature Type and Regions      
Automatic Removal of Undercuts      
Rapid Plane      
New Feature Types (End Face and Groove)      
Rough Turning Operation Enhancements (Various Pattern Types, Sorting, Overlap, Rough Allowance)      
Pattern Repeat Operation Enhancements ( Various Pattern Types, Sorting)      
Basic Finish Operation Enhancements (Various Pattern Types)      
Groove Roughing Operation Enhancements (Various Pattern Types, Sorting, Alignment, Rough Allowance, Multiple Depth Grooving, Processing)      
Groove Finish Operation Enhancements (Force Down Cutting)      
Corner Type      
Rapid on Entry Options      
New Lead Options      
Mill Turn V3 V4 V5 V6 V7
Mill Turn Jobs    
Mill Turn Machine Definition and Submachines    
Adapter Library    
Mill Turn Tool Crib    
Machine Simulation Pro    
Fully Revamped Lathe System Utilized in Mill Turn    
Chuck Jaw Wizard        
BobART V3 V4 V5 V6 V7
Load Vector Files    
Image Vectorization    
Emboss Models    
Emboss Feature    
Wrapped Emboss Models    
Remove Non-Emboss Area    
Save as Component/STL    
Emboss from Component Feature    
Suppress One or More Individual Features    
Custom Cross Sections    
Material/Texture Selection    
Languages V3 V4 V5 V6 V7