BobCAM 3 Axis CAD-CAM Standard

BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS 3 Axis Mill Standard

BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS is a Gold Partner CAM Add-On to provide faster access to strategic machining operations for simple or complex parts. Built-in to the latest SOLIDWORKS design software, BobCAM is the perfect solution for turning innovation into perfectly finished parts fast! The BobCAM Standard Module provides powerful toolpath generating functionality and g-code programming.

Available features Include…

     • NEW Stock Wizard, CAM Job Tree, Tool Crib & Holder Library
     • NEW Corner Rounding Tool & Operation
     • NEW REST Machining w/Advanced Pocket Operation
     • NEW REST Machining w/Advanced Pocket Operation
     • NEW Dynamic Machining Strategies™
     • NEW Multiple Toolpath Patterns
     • Tool, Tool Holder & Material Database
     • Available 2 & 3 Axis Toolpath Wizards & CNC Milling
     • Built-In G-Code editor
     • Customizable Post Processing
     • RS 232 Communications & DNC Capabilities
     • Full Machine Simulation PRO Add-On Now Available for all Standard & PRO Versions

BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS CAM modules come in 32 & 64-bit to take advantage of your hardware resources and allow you to create efficient toolpaths faster. All of our products are backed by quality support and effective training to help you achieve success Faster, Smarter & Easier. The low price is simply an added benefit!

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