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BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS is the latest SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner solution in CAM software. This CNC machining technology can easily be integrated inside of SOLIDWORKS for creating 2, 3, 4 & 5 Axis toolpath and g-code programs for your CNC Machine Tool. The BobCAM CNC CAM software gives you special machining wizards for all of the milling strategies which removes the guesswork from programming.

The modules include:


The latest BobCAM V4 PRO level modules feature Dynamic Machining Strategies™ and new High Speed Adaptive Roughing toolpath strategy along with 4 & 5 Axis PRO Full Machine Simulation allowing you to use your machines kinematics for realistic multi-axis posting and simulation support. Aside from providing you standard 2 Axis machining capabilities and multi-tool drilling capabilities, the latest BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS add-ons are now available for 3, 4 and full 5 axis simultaneous CNC Milling. Each level is modular allowing you to grow into new technology on a need to use basis.