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BobCAD-CAM Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software delivers advanced design power with an intuitive, modern interface that makes creating and editing simple & complex parts easier and more efficient than ever. Using the new ribbon bar interface makes finding features easy, even if you’re a first time user. The BobCAD-CAM design software provides one of the largest selections of professional drawing and modeling tools for a shop environment.


Quickly translate geometry from one coordinate system to another, a faster way to align geometry on different planes. Great for workpiece and fixture alignment or just moving geometry from one orientation to another. Discover all the exciting and powerful new features in BobCAD-CAM V33.


Utilize 100s of easy-to-use geometry creating and editing tools to develop sophisticated part models quickly and efficiently. A wide range of powerful wireframe, surface, and solid model design tools deliver the performance you need to design everything from simple flat patterns to complex 3D models with intricate details. The BobCAD-CAM design software is easy enough for the new and occasional users, yet powerful enough to meet the needs of the advanced designer
View Rotation Keys

View Rotation Keys(New Feature)

Adjust the view of your geometry without needing to use your mouse. Arrow keys, Shift + Arrow Keys and Crtl + Arrow keys now adjust your view.

View to Active UCS

View to Active UCS(New Feature)

With this option turned on, standard views are aligned with your Active UCS. Making drawing on different planes easier than ever before!

Advanced Holes

Advanced Holes(New Feature)

New 3D Modeling feature that allows users to define holes, holes with chamfers, holes with counterbores or combination holes using point locations and user input.

Add Property

Add/Edit Property(New Feature)

Assign thread information to points, arcs or surfaces. This new geometry associated feature is used with our Hole Recognition allowing users to predefine thread types and size for tapping.

File Translators( In )

BobCAD-CAM software is compatible with common industry file formats. Allowing you to open and work on geometry created from other CAD systems. (DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP, SAT, 3DM, X_T, X_B, SLDPRT, STL )

File Translators( Out )

Share your design project with others by saving your wireframe, surfaces or solid models as of the following formats (DXF, DWG, IGES, SAT, 3DM, STEP STL )

Wireframe Creation

Choose from a wide variety of easy-to-use 2D geometry tools such as points, Iines, arcs, splines, offset and parallel lines to sketch your parts.

Wireframe Editing

Complete geometry editing tools to modify, trim, scale, move, rotate and more.

Shape Library

Forty preprogrammed, commonly used fabrication shapes. Used-defined variables for shape sizes, allowing you to parametrically change the design as needed.

Layers & Colors

Use layers and colors to organize your CAD geometry. Create an unlimited number of layers to isolate geometry features and control their visibility. Customize layer names, colors, line style and order.

Text Creation

Add text to your drawings using windows standard fonts and open fonts or BobCAD-CAM installed fonts.

Dimension Auto

Whether you designed or imported a client’s file, BobCAD-CAM makes it easy to inspect the geometry, create part prints or generate inspection reports so you can easily understand and communicate part geometry dimensions.

Surface Modeling

Create flat and curved surfaces using the intuitive surface creating tools like Rectangular Plane, Circular Plane, Extrude Curve, Extrude Surface, Revolved, Sweep, Cross Section, Skin, Offset and more.

Surface Editing

Editing tools to add to or take away from your 3D surface models. Unstitch, break, untrim, extend & fillet are just some of the tools you can use to easily manipulate your surface models.

Solid Modeling

Design with primitive model shapes like Sphere, Cube, Cone, Cylinder & Torus. Add to your 3D models with extrude boss, or take away from your model with extrude cut.

Solid Editing

Editing tools to add to, take away or edge break your 3D models. Split, shell & boolean are just some tools you can use to easily manipulate your models solid.

CAD History Tree

Keep track of every step you take when creating & editing surfaces and solids models. Use the history to make edits to your 3D designs, suppress design features, rollback the design or delete design features.

CAD History Optimization

Reduce file sizes while consolidating design steps where multiple, translate, rotate, rotate 3D and deletes have occurred. Users also have the option to fully delete the CAD history.

Extract Edges

Create wireframe from surfaces or solids to aid in the design or machining processes. With the option to project to Z plane, users can flatten model profiles at a desired Z location.

Construction Geometry

Speed up your geometry creation when using construction lines. A graphically-displayed aid helps you find horizontal and vertical locations, arc centers, tangency, intersection locations and more.

Cross Section View

View internal details of your solid models by choosing from standard or custom section planes. Use this detail for visual inspection or to create wireframe based on the cutaway view.

Dynamic Drawing

Direct visual feedback of geometry creation and editing with design previews. Before you commit to creating geometry, users are provided a graphic preview of the design feature, edit or location.

UCS Manager

User coordinate systems are used to create geometry on different planes. Choose a standard UCS to draw on the top, front or sides of your part. You can also use a UCS for a machine setup location or an index system.

UCS Editor

Create new or modify a current user coordinate systems with BobCAD’s UCS manager. Develop drawing planes with one of the 6 creation methods. Modify a current UCS with the same functionality as setting up a parts origin in the stock wizard.


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