Lathe for SOLIDWORKS™ Software Features

BobCAM Lathe for SOLIDWORKS Software Features

The BobCAM Lathe for SOLIDWORKS module offers performance CAM machining features for CNC Turning. By streamlining the programming phase and offering quality machining operations for programming your lathe parts in one easy to understand interface you can start becoming more effective and begin saving time right away. As a SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner the BobCAM Lathe module is not only powerful and easy to use, it’s also affordable for any shop.

Features Include

  • Job – CAM Tree Manager
  • CAM Machining Wizards
  • Stock Wizard
  • Save & Load Machine Features
  • Feature On/OFF Posting
  • OD/ID Roughing
  • OD/ID Finishing
  • OD/ID Grooving
  • Drilling
  • Threading
  • Tap Cycle
  • Auto Cut Off
  • Stock Feed
  • Chamfer & Fillet Corner Break Options
  • Finish contouring with optional multiple passes for casting roughing
  • Automatically create a finish pass after a rough operation using the same tool
  • G-Code Editor
  • Customizable Post Processors
  • RS 232 Communications
  • DNC Capabilities