CNC Lathe Software Features

Lathe Software Features

The latest Lathe CAD-CAM software provides complete 2D & 3D Design and file importing capabilities, all new Wizard driven 2 Axis Dynamic Machining Strategies for removing the guesswork and providing efficient CAM toolpaths and G-Code programming solutions for CNC Turning. The Job Setup and Stock Setup Wizards remove the guesswork from programming and streamline the process of programming single toolpath operations or combinations of toolpath operations for your jobs. The Machining Wizards provide the Dynamic machining Strategies for using a single or multiple machining strategies within a single CAM operation. The CAM is fully associative to the CAD geometry in use so that on the fly edits to the part can take place without having to start the CAM job over again. Simply update the machine strategies and see the new toolpath. You can create and customize Job Setup Sheets as well. With our canned cycle support in posting you can minimize the size of your NC programs. Single window simulation is also included. When it comes to CAM programming for CNC Turning this system is very easy to use!

CAD Design

  • Wireframe, surfaces & Solid modeling
  • CAD Design Tree
  • Dynamic Drawing
  • 2D Geometry Creation Tools
  • Shape Library
  • Cross Section Viewing
  • Extrude Cut
  • Solid Split
  • Nonuniform Scaling
  • Design/Geometry Editing
  • Geometry Verification
  • Customizable Toolbars

2 Axis Turning

  • Job – CAM Tree Manager
  • Job Startup Wizard
  • Stock Wizard
  • Machining Wizards
  • Dynamic Machining Strategies
  • Advanced tool Patterns
  • Customizable Setup Sheets
  • Copy & Paste CAM Operations in the CAM Tree
  • Save & Load Machine Features
  • Feature On/OFF Posting
  • OD/ID Roughing
  • OD/ID Finishing
  • OD/ID Grooving
  • Drilling
  • Threading
  • Auto Cut Off
  • Stock Feed
  • Chamfer & Fillet Corner Break Options
  • Finish contouring with optional multiple passes for casting roughing
  • Automatically create a finish pass after a rough operation using the same tool
  • G-Code Editor
  • Simulation
  • Cycle Time Calculator
  • Customizable Post Processors
  • RS 232 Communications
  • DNC Capabilities