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Machine Simulation PRO Features

By using the new Machine Simulation PRO the operator can see the machine components in action and any occurrences of tool or part collision. Benefits include the ability to see if the part fixtures have correct orientations, isolate location issues and even make sure fixture sizes are correct for the part. For 4th axis you can see rotary rewinds, perform machined part deviation analysis and even gather the minimum and maximum cutting length data which is helpful for shops in the estimating process. The Machine Simulation PRO is a huge step in gaining professional cnc programming resources while reducing cnc programming errors and waste.

Machine Simulation PRO Features Include…

  • Display your full machine during simulation to better visualize parts being cut.
  • The simulation will allow you to set machine travel limits and detect over travels.
  • Use Your Machine Kinematics for Full Machine Simulation
  • Cycle Time Calculation
  • Dynamic Machine/Material/Tool Viewing
  • Dynamic Elements/Workpiece & Holder Tree
  • Simulation Play Controls
  • Deviation Analysis
  • Toolpath Mode/Material Mode
  • Time Based Mode/Length Based Mode
  • Works with your STL stock
  • Launches Inside of BobCAD-CAM Software
  • cad-cam-simulation

Machine Simulation PRO

Machine Simulation Pro
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