What is Machinist ToolBox™?

The Machinist Toolbox™ is a popular shop software utility for CNC machinists everywhere! Every CNC machinist needs fast access to optimized speed and feed calculations for Milling, Drilling, Turning & Tapping as well as Trig calculators, quick conversion formulas and important reference guides. That is exactly what the Machinist Toolbox™ offers and so much more!
Machinist ToolBox



Machinist ToolBox™ Software Features

The Machinist Toolbox™ is a powerful utility, It contains a set of calculators designed specifically for machinists. The Machinist Toolbox™ consists of many calculators that make finding complex numbers simple. The Machinist Toolbox™ includes calculators that are graphically Illustrated for calculating complex Trig functions such as:

  • Chord Data
  • Cusp Height an step over
  • Drill tip compensation
  • Sine Plates
  • True position tolerances
  • 3 Point arc centers
  • Right triangles
  • Oblique triangles
  • Bolt Circles
  • Polygon Calculations
  • 4th axis positioning
  • Universal Angle heads
  • Thread calculation
  • Polar dimensioning
  • Tap drill calculations

The Machinist Toolbox™ also contains a complete reference library for G&M codes for mill and lathe, APT,ISO & EIA Tape data, Information for pitch and drill size for inch and metric taps, pipe taps, HeliCoil taps, roll taps, and more.

One of the most powerful features within the Machinist Toolbox™ is the extensive material feed and speed calculators that comes with a pre-configured material library data, taking the guess work out of finding the correct feeds and speed for cutting your material.

The library contains calculators for Milling, drilling, tapping and turning for both roughing and finishing operations. The material library contains hundreds of preconfigured materials including Aluminums, Alloy Steels, Carbon Steels, Tool Steels, Stainless, Cast Iron, Copper, Plastics, Titanium’s, Super Alloys, and has a place for user defined materials that can easily added by you.



Machinist ToolBox™ System Requirements

  • Pentium 500 Mhz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 800 x 600 Screen Resolution (1024 x768 recommended)
  • 256 Colors (24 or 32 bit color recommended)

These are MINIMUM System Requirements. If you experience problems running on minimum system requirements, please contact Technical Support. Version 9.x of Machinist ToolBox™ uses a new license key algorithm. Users of Machinist ToolBox™ v7.0.7 or below will require an updated license code. Please contact Technical Support for your updated license code.