v27 Lathe CAD-CAM Upgrade

The NEW BobCAD-CAM Lathe Upgrade to V27 is Here!

v27-cad-cam-lathe-softwareThe brand new BobCAD-CAM V27 Upgrade is officially released adding Dynamic Machining Strategies, all new Lathe Machining Wizards, customizable Setup Sheets, enhanced tool library and so much more! With a new simplified CAM-Job Tree and added benefits such as new Machining Wizards, Tool Patterns for adding multiple machining strategies within a feature, copy and paste machining features and new posting features, the V27 Lathe CAD-CAM software answers the call for enhancing the programming experience by increasing workflow efficiency and allowing you to program your lathe parts faster! New Machining Wizards remove the guesswork from programming your parts!

Dynamic Machining Strategies
lathe tool patternsWith our new Dynamic Machining Strategies™ you can load in different associated toolpath machining strategies into one feature. This can also be done for Hole Drilling so that you can create Multi-Tool Drilling and more. This speeds up the process and allows you to program your parts the way you want to, without having to load different machining features into the tree separately and then re-select your geometry and so on. Now with our Dynamic machining Strategies you can process your geometry with multiple cutting strategies at one time. You can make changes on the fly to add in or take away strategies as you need to, making this new upgrade a lot faster to work with and much more flexible for CNC Turning.

Here is a list of some of the new features:

New Lathe Upgrade Features Include YES
Job Start/Setup Wizard
Lathe Machining Wizards
CAD Design Tree
Dynamic Drawing
Cross Section Viewing
2D Booleans
Shape Library
Dynamic Machining Strategies – Single or Multiple Combinations of Machining Strategies per Operation
Customizable Job Setup Sheets
Copy & Paste Machining Features
New Tool Patterns
Enhanced Hole Making Strategies
Enhanced posting by Tool, Feature or Operation
Customizable Starting Points
Enhanced Lathe tool Library