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Entry level design and manufacturing software ( CAD/CAM )  for cnc machines.  Includes everything you’ll need to design and machine your 2D and 3D projects for milling and 2 axis turning.  Excellent lower cost solution for new cnc programmers, home shops or infrequent users. Comes standard with ongoing training to speed up your success!

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Product Features:

  • Import and edit common CAD files
  • Design in 2D and 3D (wireframe, surfaces and solids)
  • Drill, Pocket, Profile, Engrave, 3D surfacing and more!
  • Face, OD/ID Roughing, OD/ID Finishing, Grooving, Drilling and more!
  • Reporting tools / Setup sheets / Tools lists and Cycle times
  • Backplot and Solid Simulation
  • Post Processing (creating G-code programs)

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