BobCAD-CAM Version 34 Matrix

Auto Blank Toolpath Features    
Extended CAM Tree    
Double Click Edit CAM Features    
New Coolant Options    
Copy With Geometry CAM Features    
Backplotting with Tool Compoent Vissablity Settings    
CAM Wizard Enhancments    
CAM Tree Enhancments    
CAM Tree Notes    
Single Operation Posting    
View to Active UCS   
View Rotation Keys   
Document Templates  
Customizable Ribbon Bar  
System Setting Dialog Enhancements  
Rhino 6 File Import  
Redesigned User Interface 
Contextual CAM Ribbon 
Document Toolbar 
New Docking Planes 
User Profile 
Quick Access Toolbars 
New Print Dialog 
Settings Part / Defaults Updates 
File Preview 
Network Licensing
Online License Registration / De Registration
64-Bit Application
3 Axis Deburring    
UP/ Down Feedrate Control for Equidistant Offset   
Trim Adaptive Passes for Advanced Planar   
Barrel Mill Supported for 3 Axis Pro Toolpaths   
Advanced Allowance  
Detect Stock Thicker Than  
Trim Adaptive Depth Step Passes  
New Automatic Arc Lead 
New Lead In – Reverse Orthogonal Line 
Multiple Surface Selection for Flow Line 
Expand Rest Machining Area 
Improved Round Corners / Smooth Corners 
Shift Link Location for Advanced Z Level Finish 
Start Point Control for Advanced Z Level Finish 
Adaptive Breakthrough Amount 
New ADV Rough Patterns: Parallel, Offset, Morph Spiral 
New 3 Axis Premium Module
Undercuts for Advanced Z Level Finish
ARC Leads for Adaptive Roughing
Dynamic Holder Collision Avoidance
Extract Isocurve    
Selection Manager    
Solid Chamfer by Width    
Layer Manager Updates    
Arc Radius or Diameter Text Field    
Project Curves: Direction    
Project Curves: Curves on Curves    
Line Join to closest snap point    
Solid edge mid-pint snap    
Align to Coordinate System   
Add / Edit Hole Property   
Advanced Holes   
CAD Tree Optimization  
Delete CAD Tree History  
Document Templates  
File Preview 
Construction Geometry 
Layer Attributes 
New UCS Manager and Editing Options 
New Wire Frame Creation Options 
New Rectangular and Circular Plane Options 
Surface Edge Extension Enhancements 
Auto Dimension 
Leader Arrow Notes 
Mirror About Planar Face 
Geometry Selection Manager
Scale Sketch Handle
3D Imprint
Fillet / Chamfer Chains
Share Corner Offset
Measure 1 & 2 Enhancements
Text Alignment
CAD Cleanup Reporting
Stock Wizard
Rectangular Stock
Cylindrical Stock
Wire Frame Stock
Solid Model Stock
Stl Stock
Job Based CAM Tree
Revolved Stock
Multiple Machine Setups
Toolpath Pattern Array
Toolpath Pattern Translate
Toolpath Pattern Point
Index System
Wrapping Groups
Multi-Threaded 3 Axis Pro Toolpath Calculations
Expand and Collapse CAM Tree Items
Dynamic Machine Strategies in the CAM Wizard
Dynamic Posting Order
Geometry Preview
Operation Preview
Default Parameter Templates
Job Templates
User Defined Machining Strategy Templates
New Machining Order Dialog
Default Machining Order Options
CAM Tree Flyouts
Redesigned Tool Library
Work Offset Pattern
Mill Turn Chuck Jaws
Subprograms for Operations
Keep Bounding Geometry (Stock Wizard)
Simulation Work Offset Pick Point Method
Open & Close Chain Selection
Color, Layer, Line Style
Pick and Match
Face and Edge Picking
Constant Z Selection
Loop Selection
Toolpath FeaturesV32
Save/Load Feature
Copy/Paste Feature
Keep Feature Depth
Locked Features
Update All Geometry
Toolpath Editor
Edit Operation
Apply To All Features/Operations
Groups for Index Systems & Wrapping Groups
Save Feature Defaults
User Defined Strategy Templates
Speed and FeedsV32
Material/Cutting Conditions
Surface Radius Based Feed Optimization
Tool Contact Based Feed Optimization
Convert Rapids To Feed
Independent Lead In/Out Feed
Adaptive Feed Rate Volume Based
Adaptive Feed Rate Chip Thinning Based
Tool Library
Tool Types: Tapered Endmill, T-Cutter, Dove Mill, Lollipop
Tool Holder Library
Tool Crib
User Defined Tool Profiles(Form Tools)
Single Window Tool Library
Tool Library Search/Filter
Machine Simulation
Setup Sheets
Backplot with Detailed Information
Toolpath Statistics
Multi Window View
Measure Grid
Section View/Layering
Click to Advance Toolpath
Zoom Window
Show Previous View
Next Feed Move
Move List Bookmarks
Keyboard Shortcuts for ISO Views
Machine Coordinate System Display
Material Display Mode Retention
User Coordinates System(s)
Text Along a Curve
Show/Hide Axis
Customizable Interface
Standard View
Section View
Dynamic CAD
Snap Grid
Show/Hide Gnomon
New Geometry Picking Interface
Instant Preview
Construction Lines
Dynamic UCS
Layer Attributes
Auto Dimensions
Leader Arrow Note
CAD Tree Optimization
Delete CAD Tree History
Wire FrameV32
Point Sketch
Point Coordinates
Point Incremental
Point End
Point Intersection
Point Intersection on Extension
Point Arc Center
Point Perpendicular
Point On Entity
Line Sketch
Line Coordinates
Line Join
Line Tangent
Line Parallel
Line Angle
Line Angle Tangent
Line Chamfer
Line Chamfer Single Click
Line Continuous
Arc Sketch
Arc Coordinates
Arc Snap
Arc Fillet
Arc Fillet Chain
Arc Fillet Single Click
Arc 3 Entities
Arc Center 2 End Points
Arc Between 2 Points Diameter
Arc Between 2 Points Radius
Fit Arcs
Rectangle 2 Points(Sketch)
Rectangle 2 Points Center Top
Rectangle 3 Points Length Width
Rectangle 3 Points Half Length Width
Rectangle Angle
Ellipse with Spline
Offset Sharp Corner
Continous Sketch
Project Curves
Hole Pattern
Point Pattern
Roller CAM
Shape Library
Shape with Origin Commands
Spline Interpolated
Spline Fit
Spline Blended
Spline Approximated
Spline Multi Geomtery Pick Method
Editing ToolsV32
Rotate 3D
Trim Extend
Extract Edges
Extract Edges Project to Z
Reverse Surface Normal
Drag Corner
Nonuniform Scale
2D Boolean
Spun Profile
Dynamic Scale/Scale Sketch Handle
Unwrap with Chain Selection
Rectangle Plane
Rectangle 2 Points Center Top
Rectangle 3 Points Length Width
Rectangle 3 Points Half Length Width
Rectangle Angle
Circular Plane
Circular Plane 2 Points Radius
Circular Plane 2 Points Diameter
Circular Plane Center 2 End Points
Circular Plane 3 Points
Extrude Curve
Extrude Surface
Cross Section
3 Edge
4 Edge
Multi-sided Patch
Extend with Face Selection
Intersection Curves
UnTrim Surface
Break Surface
Cube with Origin Control
Boolean Add/Subtract/Intersect
Extrude Boss
Extrude Cut
Auto 3+ 2 Roughing    
Port Machining    
Multiaxis Finishing    
3 to 5 Axis Conversion    
Turn Milling    
Deburring Operation    
Lathe: New Pecking Options for Hole Cycles   
Lathe: Chip Breaking Cycles   
Mill Turn: Chuck Wizard  
Advanced Feedrates 
Mill 3 Axis Wire Frame
Mill Thread
Mill Multiaxis
Mill 4 Axis Rotary
Mill 3 Axis
Mill 2 Axis
Mill Facing
Mill Counterbore Tap Hole
Mill Counterbore Hole
Mill Tap Hole
Mill Drill Hole
Stock Tracking
Trim to Stock
Lathe Remove Underecut
Lathe Profile Extension
Lathe Constraints
Lathe Feature Type
Lathe End Face
Lathe Turing
Lathe Groove
Lathe Hole
Lathe Tapped Hole
Lathe Thread
Lathe Cutoff
Lathe Stock Handling
Mill TurnV32
Support for Many of the Most Popular Mill Turn / Live Tooling Machines
Multiple Turret Machine Support
Support for Subspindles
Tool Crib for Easy Mounting of Tools and Adapters
5 Axis Milling Spindle Support
Job Setup Wizard
MDI ( Manual Data Input ) for Motion, Part Transfers, Tailstocks and More
Turret and Tool Adapter Library
New Lathe System
Wire EDMV28V29V30V31
Wire EDM Jobs
CAM Wizard
Stock Wizard
Wire EDM Features
2 Axis Inside, 2 Axis Outside and 2 Axis Open (No Taper)
2 Axis Inside, 2 Axis Outside and 2 Axis Open (Constant Taper)
Land and Taper (Land on Top or Bottom)
Cut One or More Profiles in a Single 2 Axis Feature
4 Axis Inside, 4 Axis Outside and 4 Axis Open
4 Axis Syncing
Dynamic Machining Strategies
Wire EDM Simulation
Dynamic Posting Order
Flat End V Tools   
V Carve Pocketing
Vectorize Images
Emboss Regular
Emboss Swept
Emboss 2 Rail Sweep
Emboss from Image
Emboss from Surface/Solid
Emboss from BobART Surface
Emboss from Component
Emboss Texture
Save as BobART Surface
Save as Componenet/STL
Screen Selection
Batch Selection
Multi Part Nesting
Part Priority
Part Quantity
Sheet Size
Multiple Sheets Supported
Nest Only
Nest & Toolpath
Cut Direction Control
Machine Order Control
Part Rotation
Distance Between Parts
Stock Margin
Fill Order
Part in Part
True Shape Nesting
Export Sheet to DXF
Nesting Job
Nesting Wizard 
Layer Sorting Control 
Filler Quantity 
Angle List 
Grain Direction 
Advanced Part Parameters 
Custom Sheet Shape 
Variable Stock Margin 
Advaned Sheet Settings 
Max Part Distance 
Thermal Distance 
Cut Large Parts Later 
Filler Part Settings 
Best Nesting Direction 
Nest only full Quantity 
Flat End Fit 
Nesting Optimizers 
Remnant Sheet Settings 
Mill Express
Mill Standard
Mill Professional
Mill 3 Axis Premium
Mill 4 Axis Standard
Mill 4 Axis Professional
Mill 5 Axis Standard
Mill 5 Axis Professional
Mill 5 Axis Premium    
Mill Turn
NC Editor Standard 
NC Editor Professional 
Work Offset Update    
Double- Click Edit    
Auto Blank Toolpath    
Extended CAM Tree    
Font for Posting    
New Coolant Options    
Copy with Geometry    
Backplot Tool Visibility    
CAM Tree Focus    
Post Single    
CAM Tree Notes    
Hole Recognition   
Knowledge Base   
Fixture Selection  
Work Offset Patterns  
Redesigned Tool Library  
CAM Tree Flyouts  
Default Machining Order Options  
New Machining Order Dialog  
User Defined Machining Strategy Templates  
Job Templates  
Default Parameter Templates  
Posting: Transform Plane Output ( G68.2) 
Posting: Origin Tracking 
Backplot Start & End Indicators 
Edit Operations from CAM Tree 
Conventional Feed Control 
Adaptive Feedrate Control (Radial Chip Thinning) 
Adaptive Feedrate Control (Volume Based) 
Feedrate Control (Dog Leg Handling) 
Lead-in and Lead-Out Feed Control 
Advanced Feedrates 
Post Processor Encryption
Bounding Cylinder for Cylindrical Stock
Lock and Unlock Operations
Update All Geometry
CAM TREE: ToolsV30V31V32V33V34
Barrel Mills: Standard, Tangent, Lens and more   
Machiningcloud Direct Import   
XML Import/Export of Tool Library   
Flat Bottom V Tools   
Tool Library Search Filter  
Single Window Tool Library  
Tool Holder Library
Tool Crib
Tool Library
User Defined Tool Profiles (Form Tools)
Tool Types: Tapered End mill, T-cutter, Dove Mill, Lollipop
Temporary Relative Job Values   
Smooth Cutting Quality for X Y Cuts   
Retention of Material Display Mode  
Machine Coordinate System Display  
Keyboard Shortcuts for ISO Views  
Move List Bookmarks  
Next Feed Move 
Show Previous View 
Zoom Window 
Click to Advance 
Section View/ Layering 
Measure Grid 
Multi-Window View 
Ruler Display
Automatic Chip Removal
Machine Simulation
Hole Direction Display    
Customizable Hole Making Knowledge Base   
Hole Feature Recognition - Index System   
Hole Feature Recognition - Machine Setup   
Pecking Cycles for all Drill Operations   
Multi Size Hole Drilling
Multi Depth Drilling
Multiaxis Drill
Cross Drill
Standard Drill
Hole to Hole Sequence Control
Hole Wizard
2D MillingV30V31V32V33V34
Detect Open Edges    
Spindle Direction Control    
Toolpath Patterns by Point Location
Peck Plunge
Multiple Step Chamfer
Minimize Tool Retracts
Geometry Selection Manager
4 Axis Tilt - Advanced Z Level Finish    
4 Axis Tilt - Advanced Planar    
4 Axis Tilt - Pencil    
4 Axis Tilt - Equidistant    
4 Axis Port Milling    
4 Axis Debrring Operation    
Turn Milling Operation    
Barrel Mill Supported for Advanced Rotary   
Detect Stock Thicker Than for Advanced Rotary   
Intermediate Steps for Advanced Rotary   
New Advanced Rotary Rough and Finish  
Multiaxis Feed Types 
Gouge Check with Check Surfaces for Rotary
Trim to Stock for Rotary
Machine Sequence Control for Cross Drilling
Adaptive Stepover for Rotary
Wrapped and unwrapped Geometry Supported
Multiple Index Locations
Auto 3 + 2 Roughing    
Multiblade Operation ( Impeller & Blisks)    
Port Machining    
Multiaxis Machining - Floor & Wall Finishing    
3 to 5 Axis Conversion    
Turn Milling    
Deburring Operation    
Barrell Mill Tool Supported   
Automatic Arc – Tool Axis Orientation   
Limits Relative to Surface Normal   
Multiaxis Roughing – Undercut Machining   
Toolpath Smoothing  
Feedrate for Direct/Spline Links  
Side Tilt By Contact Point  
Minimize Tilting  
Swarf Toolpath Enhancements  
Multiaxis Roughing: Rotational / Periodic Pocket 
Gradual Front Shift Change 
Gradual Side Tilt Angle Change 
Clearance Linking: Blended Spline 
Automatic ARC Lead 
Automatic Start Height Lead 
Swarf Sorting: Start from Bottom 
Automatic Clearance Area 
4 Axis Tool Axis Smoothing
Multiaxis Roughing – Dynamic Holder Collision Checking
Extend Cuts for Stock
Swarf: Normal to Guide Curve
Multiaxis Roughing
Swarf Machining
Surface - Parallel Cuts
Surface - Cuts Along Curve
Surface - Morph Between 2 Curves
Surface - Parallel to Multiple Curves
Surface - Project Curves
Surface - Morph Between 2 Surfaces
Surface - Parallel to Surface
Surface - Flowline