6 Part CAD Video Series: Going from 2D Wireframe to a 3D Solid Model with Ease

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Welcome to the BobCAD-CAM 6-part series for creating a 3D model in CAD. These 6 videos will teach you how to go from Wireframe (2D) to a solid model (3D) and the different things you can do with your part while designing. Each week we will release 1 video on Facebook until we complete all 6 parts, so make sure to add us and follow along. We will be covering the following topics:

  • Part 1. Creating Sketches on Different Planes
  • Part 2. Using Extrude Curve
  • Part 3. Offset Surface
  • Part 4. Using the Split Function
  • Part 5. Applying Boolean Subtract
  • Part 6. Solid Fillet

    1. Creating Sketches on Different Planes


    When you are creating your designs in 3D, you can utilize different construction/drawing planes in your User Coordinate System (UCS). This will help aid users in their overall design process.

    2. Utilizing the Extrude Curve Function


    Go from 2D to 3D. The Extrude Curve function creates a solid or surface shell by extruding open or closed wireframe curves to a distance specified by the user.

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    3. Offset Surface


    The Offset function creates an additional surface from an existing surface using the offset value as the distance between the two. You can also use this function to offset solid geometry.

    4. Split Function


    The Solid Split function is used to separate a solid body using a splitting surface. For this function, you select a single solid and a splitting surface and the software automatically creates multiple solids from the original solid body.

    5. Boolean Subtract


    The Boolean function gives you access to several functions; Add, Subtract, and Intersect. Each of these options provide a different way to handle the interaction between solids and surfaces. This topic explains each of the functions. Subtract removes the intersecting area of one solid or surface from another.

    6. Solid Fillet


    The Solid Fillet function creates fillets for surfaces and solids based on the settings that you define in the Data Entry Manager and the geometry that you select in the graphics area.

    That concludes our 6-part CAD breakout series where we went from our 2D wireframe to a 3D solid model! Thanks for following along. To see the video in its entirety, check it out below.



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