Basic Finish Patterns for 2 Axis Turning Cycles

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Today’s Topic on 2 Axis turning will answer this question, “Can I force down-cutting on my finish pass”? The answer is yes! Using patterns from the basic finish toolpath gives you 5 options to choose from; let’s take a look.
After you have roughed out the profile of your part geometry, it’s now time to look at finishing toolpaths. There are lots of variables that come into play when deciding how you are going to program your part. Tooling, material, and equipment all play a big factor, but your experience will be the most important one.
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So, what are your options? When it comes to the basic finish operation for 2 axis turning cycles, you have 5 options to choose from: continuous, face vertical only, turn diameter only, both: face & diameter and both: exclude angled walls. Let’s start with the Continuous option.
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With this finishing pattern, the toolpath will start on one end of your part and finish on the other, cutting in 1 continuous pass.
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With this finishing pattern, the toolpath will only be generated on angled walls of the part, cutting in a downward motion.
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With this finishing pattern, the toolpath will be generated on the diameters only.
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With this finishing pattern, the toolpath combines angled walls and diameter patterns into a single toolpath, following your diameter and down-cutting vertical faces.
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With this finishing pattern option, the toolpath is created on either vertical faces, diameters or both, excluding any angled walls.
The Takeaway
There you have it, 5 simple & effective options for forcing down-cutting on a finishing pass. I encourage you to go into your software and give these options a shot. To learn about how to control where on the part your toolpath is created and what direction you are cutting in, check out this blog on Feature Type Programming & utilizing Region 1 and Region 2 settings.

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