BobCAD-CAM Provides Powerful & Affordable CNC Software Solutions to the Government

Posted October 30, 2012 7:12 am   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

BobCADCAM CNC Software AssociateBobCAD-CAM Inc. Account Manager, Jeff Lemen, has increased the company’s reach by making the company an approved vendor for all government and military agencies. BobCAD-CAM now offers CAD/CAM software and CAD/CAM software training to all government entities: local, state, and federal.  Lemen learned about working with the military from his father, who was a Comptroller of the Air Force for 20 years.  He aims to make CAD/CAM software more available to government organizations by providing services and software at a much lower cost than his competitors.

“BobCAD can now offer the same 4 and 5 axis capabilities direct to the government that was formerly extremely expensive,” stated Lemen.  “The government would buy $100,000 worth of software and exhaust the entire budget leaving no more money for training.”

This results in expensive investment in powerful software that can only be used by a limited number of government employees. With large savings on software, organizations will be able to put more focus on proper training for a larger number of employees, rendering a larger and better trained workforce. Lemen commented, “The government can expect to have the power of knowledge spread to more workers being more productive for less money and fewer bottlenecks. ”

Government re-training agencies will also see a major benefit from having access to more affordable software and training programs. Inexpensive training for a new well-trained manufacturing workforce could “re-shore” all of the manufacturing jobs that have gone overseas in the last decade.

Intricate training on this scale was previously out of the question due to the extremely expensive cost; however, BobCAD-CAM’s software packages offer 4 and 5 axis capabilities direct to the government at a new level of value and utility.

Lemen hopes to eventually work with all government agencies, even ones on a limited budget:  “We are a true low cost government supplier of technology.  We don’t want to sell one program to the Air Force – we want to be on every military base, every school, and every city engineer’s computer.  We have the training to go along with it.  It’s not a hit and run company.”

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