BobCAD-CAM in the Aerospace Engineering Industry


Aerospace components demand quality of the very highest standard. Because long and complex CNC machining operations are common, the added value within our CAM toolpath features can be a huge benefit in saving time as machining these types of parts can be very costly. BobCAD-CAM is renowned for its reliability, producing efficient toolpaths, providing full simulation so that toolpaths can be analyzed before machining takes place. Lastly, for allowing you to create G-Code programs for machining your parts with your specific machine tools.

High Speed Adaptive Roughing provides powerful and efficient HSM machining capabilities for producing improved quality finishes in less time. BobCAD-CAM was the first to provide Multiaxis High Speed Adaptive machine toolpath strategies for full simultaneous 5 axis cnc machining in CAD-CAM.

Z Level Roughing offers powerful and efficient functionality for material removal on more complex parts. The PRO version Advanced Roughing provides a unique Intermediate Step feature that forces an additional cutting path in between steps that reduces the major stair step affect that traditional roughing leaves behind. This also includes a special REST roughing operation.

Z Level Finishing provides you with the ability to clean up after roughing to create a close to perfect finish on 3 Axis parts.

EquiDistant provides you with a constant scallop finish where the tool maintains the exact step over regardless of the complexity of the surface. This is excellent for producing an efficient, near polished surface. (Pro)

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Flatlands provides you with an efficient method of machining the flat regions of the parts within boundaries. (Pro)

Pencil provides you with a fast solution to cleaning up regions of the part where surfaces come together and larger tools can’t reach.

These are just a few of the many toolpath features that BobCAD-CAM has to offer for CNC machining. Manufacturers that machine parts for Aerospace can download a free trial of the software by clicking here.