BobCAD-CAM in the Consumer Industry



BobCAD-CAM has helped thousands of shops throughout the years become more effective in programming their parts! Much of this success has positively affected the way that consumer products are brought to market. By using BobCAD-CAM software in manufacturing and CNC Machining, consumer products can be improved and finished faster, smarter & easier.

Featured Consumer Success Story

Colorado Laser Technologies, Inc.

Colorado Laser Technologies
Colorado Laser Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1989 and has developed expertise serving the medical, dental, ceramic, electronic, military, architectural, and machining industries. We are also part of the growing market devoted to specialized automotive parts providing a high end, quality identification process. Located in the shadow of Pikes Peak, Colorado Laser Technologies, Inc. strives to produce the highest quality product for our customers with quick turn around time. We use BobCAD-CAM version 24 to program two of our CNC machines. We use BobCAD-CAM 24 for 2-axis profiling for programming our Amada CO2 laser. We also use BobCAD-CAM for our 3-axis mill needs from simple v-carving to milling 3D parts. BobCAD-CAM 24 is easy to navigate. BobCAD-CAM tutorials are extremely helpful in trouble shooting problems. Their customer service help is excellent. When we call, the tech. is knowledgeable and informative. Brian Leckenby Colorado Laser Technologies, Inc. 800-561-1408

BobCAD-CAM Consumer Industry Success Stories

Eastern Colorado Custom

Justin Hardwick
Here are some pictures showing a part made using BobCAD-CAM. The part was out of the voltage selection switch from an older Hobart TIG welder. The part was drawn using Solid Works and machined using BobCAD-CAM on a bridgeport style mill from CNC Automation equiped with an M3X control system. The pictures show the old broken part along with the new one my brother and I made. BobCAD-CAM is very good software for the price and we have been pleased with the results when we have used it! Justin “Vic” Hardwick Jason “Jake” Hardwick Eastern Colorado Custom

Graves Technology, Inc.

Using BobCAD-CAM software made designing the grinder holder not only functional but allowed me to try various design effects that made the holder visually attractive as well, resulting in the final milled aluminum holder being on the cover of Digital Machinist, Spring 2011. I use BobCAD-CAM for all my 3D solid modeling efforts and with the import file format options, I can publish the results to my clients in their CAD format of choice. Randy Graves Graves Technology Inc.

CAL Manufacturing Inc.

CAL Manufacturing Inc. purchased the v24 software and has been using it to produce items for our Tow Tender seed handling system. We do mainly bolt hole patterns, plasma cutting, instrument panel layouts, etc. We have found that even these relatively simple 2 axis parts would be time consuming and inconsistent without the BobCAD software. It also allows us to offer the customer a better product and more options when using our machine shop. Burton Lavens CAL Manufacturing Inc. Oglesby, IL

Production Design Services Inc.

BobCAD V23 has been a perfect fit for our needs in programming both 2d and 3d milling operations. The Equidistant Offset has provided finishes far superior to any of the other tool path strategies and has virtually eliminated any need for second operation polishing on many of our parts. The ease of drawing 3d part geometry from scratch or from existing 2d Autocad DWG files has enabled us to 3d machine parts that would have been very difficult to machine otherwise. BobCAD V23 is one purchase that I have absolutely no regrets about. Thank You BobCAD for providing a product far superior to other packages, at price point easily affordable by any shop. Mike Lanier Production Design Services Inc. West Carrollton, OH

R& L Phillips, Inc.

This letter is a letter of appreciation for the wonderful experience that we have had with BobCAD software. This product has proven to be efficient, reliable and cost effective. Since 1991, we have used only BobCAD to generate NC language. The main reason is that it has simply provided us with rapid, accurate data. Over the years, we have used several versions of BobCAD for our Wire EDM operations. We have had very few instances that required technical assistance. Usually, if we lost an office computer drive, and needed to re install, we have always had quick support to get our systems back on line. Beyond that, the software has simply been great. It is easy to use, and quick. It is actually faster that using AutoCAD for profile generation. Additionally, importing .dxf files has been another super feature. It does not seem to matter how old or new the dxf file may be. By being able to quickly upload .dxf files, we have been able to give prompt product turn-around, which translates to high customer satisfaction. I highly recommend BobCAD! Richard Phillips R& L Phillips, Inc.