Custom Fabrication with BobCAD-CAM



Fabrication shops and machine shops have overlapping capabilities and in many cases find themselves with the need for CNC programming software to CNC machine parts. From Design and modeling functionality to simple or complex toolpath and g-code programming, BobCAD-CAM software is a widely used product for custom fabrication throughout the world.

Featured Custom Fabrication Success Story

ABL Boatlifts, Inc.

I can honestly say, since my introduction to BobCAD back in 2003, that I have used the program to create top quality parts for aerospace, automotive, marine, machinery, architectural, signage, and even medical applications. I’ve also worked with other systems as a consultant to many other companies. When it comes to results on the machine BobCAD-CAM will get you there. I’m proud to tell people I run BobCAD-CAM software. I’m proud of the results I can achieve with it, and I’m proud of what I paid for it! Thanks for the best kept secret in the industry. If more people really knew what this software CAN do, there would be fewer CAD/CAM players in the game! Sincerely, John Walsh – General Manager ABL Boatlifts, Inc.

Custom Fabrication Industry Success Stories

Defiant Studios

“On my journey, the first step in a new direction was for me to get a refurbished CNC machine and BobCAD software. Once the machine was set up and the software installed, the process of going from design to cutting my first real run of parts, only took one month. I find that the webinars are very helpful for learning new tips and tricks. I am finally starting to get props for my design style, and being able to replicate my hand made style in bulk runs is a big deal for me. I have found the BobCAD software is truly helping me live my version of the American dream.” – Noelski

Noelski of Defiant Studios on his custom motorcycle

“The bike above is called the “Dirty Lo Down” and is featured in American Iron’s March/April 2010 Issue. It features custom points covers I produced using BobCAD-CAM. The success of this bike led to my first official gang run of parts, that are now for sale in the Dregs catalog. In addition to points covers I am using BobCAD to produce custom designed and machined grips, brakes, forward controls and more.” “I have been making most of my custom bike parts by hand, to be able to replicate the original organic look with a CAM system was my goal. BobCAD-CAM was the solution.”

Applied Physical Electronics, L.C.

Originally we made the switch to BobCAD-CAM V23 because we could get 3 licenses for less than a single license renewal of MasterCAM. We also purchased High-Speed Pocketing which made our high performance 12,000 rpm CNC mills unbelievably fast. Since we use BobCAD every day, we discovered that it was easier to visualize and edit than any CAM product we had used before. The Solidworks compatibility reduced the number of intermediate files we were making as well, further reducing clutter on our server and making it easier for our engineers and machinists to collaborate. Upon upgrading to BobCAD V24 we were very pleased with the changes in the graphical users interface and quickly integrated the V24 CAM process into of all of our products. The technical support is easier to reach than most software vendors and the access to have custom programs made for us has reduced our lead times and brought down our overhead costs. We are BobCAD customers for life!