BobCAD-CAM in the Jewelry Industry


Do You Make Jewelry?

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BobCAD-CAM software has proven to be a popular and effective solution to jewelry-making at both a hobby and professional level. From access to more than 160 powerful and easy to use CAD Design features to efficient and accurate toolpaths for CNC machining, the latest BobCAD-CAM CNC programming systems offer a wide range of solutions that allow you to be creative in making your jewelry. By combining BobCAD-CAM CNC Software with the latest BobART Add-On module your creative abilities are your only limitation!


Benefits For Making Jewelry With BobCAD-CAM Software…

  • Design 3D pieces with wireframe, surfaces and solids
  • Import DXF Files or Turn Pictures Into Relief Models
  • 3D Wrapping, Create inlays, Profiling, Pocketing, 2D & 3D Engraving and More
  • Toolpath Wizards remove the Guesswork!
  • Full Machining Capabilities | Go from art to reality faster!
  • Machine Simulation Available
  • Multi-Threaded Toolpaths Calculate Faster

    “I use BobCAD primarily to design and machine the pattern work that is then used in the last wax casting process. Using BobCAD has increased my capability for accurately producing complex 3D parts ten-fold. The BobCAD team and the user community is second to none.”

    I.H – 3C Innovation | Chesire, United Kingdom