BobCAD-CAM in the Mold/Pattern Industry



BobCAD-CAM supplies powerful CAM technology to the Mold & Pattern industry for CNC machining simple and complex part-making. Whether you are machining wood, metal or plastics the latest BobCAD-CAM software can offer powerful and easy to use machining features that are second to none.

Featured Mold/Pattern Success Story

FK Instrument Co.

We’ve been working with BobCAD-CAM for a couple of years now and I can say it is an efficient system. We work mainly from solid models. The software was not too complex to learn and getting part to code is quite simple. If there are any questions, their Tech support is second to none! We’ve never had a question go Unanswered. I would recommend BobCAD-CAM Software for All your machining needs. Thank you, Mark Walz


Mold/Patterns Industry Success Stories

Ideal Plastics LLC

I’ve been using CAD/CAM packages for over 15 years. I thought I was happy with what I was using until I was introduced to BobCAD for the third or so time. I thought why not take a closer look at what this salesman was getting so excited about. When I finally did, I was shocked. How could BobCAD give a full-blown CAD/CAM package at such a low price? If you compare BobCAD to any other CAD/CAM out there you’ll quickly discover that what you pay for the WHOLE package from BobCAD isn’t even close in comparison to their competitors. It’s like night and day. The solid generation is simple. The toolpaths are easy and very intuitive. This is definitely the most powerful system I my opinion out there for the money without losing any capabilities. I highly recommend anyone to try it you won’t be disappointed. In fact you’ll be shocked like I was. I’m very skeptical about salesmen calling to sell anything but if you get a call from one of these guys just hear him out. Wayne Daigle