BobCAD-CAM in Production Shops



Production and Job shops throughout the world have used BobCAD-CAM software for more than two decades to stay on the competitive edge in manufacturing. From basic hole making to 2 Axis pocketing and profiling to advanced 3 Axis machining, BobCAD-CAM offers a wide range of programming and toolpath solutions that are efficient and very easy to use.


Production Shops Industry Success Stories

Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products

“Since June of 2010 I have worked for ACAMP (Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products) mainly in the microfluidics department. ACAMP is a not for profit organization that provides specialized services to micro nano technology clients and was founded in 2008. I use BobCAM in SolidWorks to provide all of the coding required to produce the 3D parts that I draw. We use the software for producing PCB boards, drilling inlet ports for microfluidic chips, routing the microfluidic chips from the larger substrate and producing jigs for many processes. Before BobCAM all of the coding was performed by hand, so I was limited to very basic geometries. However, with BobCAM any geometry is possible, and the code is produced almost as soon as the part is finished being drawn. The best part of BobCAM is its integration with SolidWorks, and knowing that the part produced will look exactly like the part drawn. Thanks to BobCAM we save our clients a lot of time and money, and are able to produce our own parts and jigs on the fly to help us develop our own processes, very important qualities to have in our fast paced industry.” William Cully – Product Development Engineer | ACAMP – Edmonton, AB Canada