Massachusetts High School Receives Sponsorship from Major CAD-CAM Educational Program

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The inclusion of CAD-CAM software within industrial engineering education programs at the high school level is helping to spark creative innovation at an earlier age. The new Manufacturers of the Future program from BobCAD-CAM, Inc. has created an amazing opportunity for students of vocational, trade, and public schools that teach industrial engineering, CNC machining, and CAD Design. Through the program, schools and educators now have greater accessibility to CAD-CAM software and educational resources than ever before.

Industrial Engineering Students with a Passion For LearningCAD-CAM-CNC-Machining-Manufactures-of-the-Future

The Acton-Boxborough Regional High School in Acton, MA is taking education to the next level when it comes to the future of engineering and manufacturing. Students at the school are provided the opportunity to learn about architectural engineering, computer aided design and manufacturing software, woodworking and CNC routing. The school’s advanced learning curriculum was a key part in gaining the support from CAD-CAM pioneer, BobCAD-CAM and their new Manufacturers of the Future program directors. After learning about the school’s program and their goals, BobCAD-CAM decided to sponsor the school with a $53,000 software grant so that the students could have access to the technology that would help them excel in their labs.

Torchmate-CNC-CAD-CAM-MachiningRalph Arabian, teacher and main driving force behind the school’s advanced program, had this to say about his nearly 200 students, “They are pretty adept at CNC and are very engaged as they are allowed to make their own projects. The students are motivated and very driven individuals.”

In every area of study, Arabian stresses critical thinking and problem solving in addition to the development of good work habits. The use of tools and materials to solve complex problems allow the students to gain knowledge and acquire valuable lifelong skills. With the program, students experience and integrate concepts from math, science, physics, and geometry to design, sketch, create and build their prototypes and finished products.

Additionally, the coursework explores traditional industry standards, techniques and best practices. As a result, students gain an understanding and are introduced to “real world” experiences, including: group projects, interdisciplinary teamwork, advanced problem solving techniques, mathematical concepts, scientific method, and the engineering design process.

CAD-CAM-CNC-Machining“Students understand and experience computer integration and its vital role to today’s trade,” explained Arabian in regards to the student’s responsiveness to computerized manufacturing technology.

His students are currently designing and producing projects with a state-of-the-art robotic Torchmate CNC Router combined with the BobCAD-CAM software as their CAD-CAM system and the BobART add-on.

Advanced classes and study opportunities are available for students who are looking to develop an expertise in the field of either mechanical/architectural design or carpentry through guided practice and challenging projects. Course objectives are tailored to meet the individual interests and career aspirations of the student.

CAD-CAM-CNC-Machining-Design-EducationAs any educator will attest to, school budgets are generally tight which means access to advanced technology is and equipment is usually limited or not available at all. One of the main reasons why the school works with BoBCAD-CAM software is because of their Manufacturers of the Future program.

“Like any educational facility, budgets are always an issue. Usually educators are writing grant letters and requests to various organizations. Fortunately there are generous companies like BobCAD-CAM who have played an instrumental role in aiding our students to move forward and be prepared for higher education,” says Arabian. “BobCAD-CAM has inspired students and educators not only with their generous donations throughout the years, but has allowed students opportunities they otherwise would have never had.

In a recent letter to BobCAD-CAM, Arabian explained, “I worked as an engineer prior to becoming an educator. I have dealt with many technology companies who sold CAD design software. I can state, confidently, that BobCAD-CAM support and training products are far outstanding beyond any companies I have worked with. Their technical support always returns calls promptly and I am not stuck on hold for hours as I would be for other dealers. Thank you BobCAD-CAM for entering the scene and treating customers like people and not numbers. BobCAD-CAM ROCKS!!!!”

Manufacturers of the Future Answers the Call for Educational Prosperity

manufacturers-of-the-futureBobCAD-CAM’s Manufacturers of the Future program is developed to support schools at all levels that teach design, manufacturing and CNC machining. Schools can apply for sponsorship and have the opportunity to receive grants through BobCAD-CAM for software technology as well as training. Schools that require assistance in developing their curriculum can also seek support through Manufacturers of the Future.

The Manufacturers of the Future “Work Ready” initiative is also available to help students acquire CAD-CAM software for the price of a textbook. This way, students can maintain access to the same software that they trained on as they transition into their careers. In addition, students who take advantage of the Work Ready program will have access to support and training solutions even after they graduate.

Director of Education at Manufacturers of the Future, Dane Pendleton, commented, “This new program is providing students with more career choices and the resources that educators need to successfully graduate them with the skills they need in the manufacturing workforce and we’re very proud of that.”

For more information on the BobCAD-CAM Manufacturers of The Future Program contact the Director of Education, Dane Pendleton at 866-408-3226.

Download a free demo copy of BobCAD-CAM software HERE.


Massachusetts High School Receives Sponsorship from Major CAD-CAM Educational Program
Article Name
Massachusetts High School Receives Sponsorship from Major CAD-CAM Educational Program
Advanced Massachusetts high school engineering and design program is awarded a sponsorship for CAD-CAM software and training from BobCAD-CAM's Manufacturers of the Future education program.

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