Wire EDM

Designed for precision manufacturing and cutting hard alloys

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Fast track your wire programming with user defined machining strategy templates. Save,store and load user customized machining features right from the toolpath wizard.

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Quickly and easily program your intricate part shapes with constant tapers, variable tapers, lands areas, sharp or radius corners using 2 and 4 axis toolpath. Use of open, closed, inside or outside cutting features defined by its wizard driven CAM technology. This powerful software allows uses customize skim passes, independent lead-ins & lead-outs, glue stops, cutting conditions and 4 axis synchronization. A complete wire EDM programming solution that works with Mitsubishi, Japax, Brother, Fanuc, Sodick and other CNC Wire EDM machines.
V34 Wire - New CAM Tree Enhancements

CAM Tree Enhancements(New Feature)

New workflow improves productivity, providing a better user experience for optimizing Shape Cutting Cycles for 2 & 4 Axis Wire EDM toolpath creation. Post and run faster with V34s new and improved CAM Tree navigation and workflow.

V34 Wire - Copy Paste With Geometry

Copy with Geometry(New Feature)

Save time making toolpath changes by using copy with geometry for machining features. This new CAM feature allows users to copy machining features, including your geometry selection. Faster toolpath iterations are made possible by eliminating the need to reselect your geometry.

V34 Wire EDM - 2 Axis Inside Outside or Open

2 Axis Inside Outside or Open(New Feature)

Select and program shapes based on wireframe, surface edges, loops and faces. Apply a rough cut, tab cut and skim cut at the same time using BobCAD 2 Axis Wizard.

V34 Wire - 4 Axis Closed Shapes

4 Axis Inside Outside or Open(New Feature)

Select and program shapes based on wireframe, surface edges, loops and faces. Special sync options to align the upper and lower guides. Appy a rough cut, tab cut and skim cut at the same time using BobCAD’s 4 Axis Wizard.

BobCAD-CAM Wire CAD-CAM software

Ultra Precision Wire EDM CAD-CAM Software

Wire EDM is a complete wireframe, surface and solid modeling CAD-CAM system that delivers ultra precision cuts with superiors finishes in an easy to use CNC programming software. It allows you to create and import part models, assign wirepath strategies, simulate and generate g-code specific to your wire machine and controller. With an intuitive workflow, BobCAD makes it easy to program precision cuts for all of your tight tolerance part manufacturing. Delivering results that are consistent with the strict cutting requirements of mold making and tool & die industries.


CAD Design Tree
Dynamic Drawing
Construction Lines
Shape Library
2D / 3D Wireframes
2D Booleans
Project to Z Planes
Cross Section Viewing
2D & 3D Geometry Creation Tools
Surface Construction
Solid Modeling
Solids Boolean Operations & Surface Editing
CAD Utilities, Translation, Mirroring, Stitching & Unstitching
Gear, CAMs & Sprocket Design Wizards
Bolt Hole & Grid Patterns
Text / Font Features & Complete Part Dimensioning
Geometry Cleanup & Optimize with Erase Double Entities
CAD Data Translation & Interoperability
Tool Library
Tool Crib
Tool Holders Library
Stock Wizard
Setup Sheet
Tool List
Feature-based Programming
Save & Load Features
Copy & Paste Features
Multiple Machine Setup Locations
Material Library
Dynamic Machining Strategies
Toolpath Backplot
Toolpath Editor
Solid 3D Simulation
Toolpath Statistics
Feedrate Mapping
Universal Post Processor
Sub Program Output
3D Arc filter ( G17, G18, G19 Plane Cutting )
Associative CAM Tree
Toolpath Groups
Toolpath Patterns (Transform / Rotate )
Tool Dominate machining order
Feature Dominate machining order
Feature Geometry Picking Manager
Toolpath Wizard
Machine Sequence Sort Order Optimization
2.5 AXIS
High Speed Pocketing / Adaptive Pocketing
Thread Milling
Plunge Roughing
Corner Round
Rest Machining
SWARF Machining
High Speed / Adaptive Multiaxis Roughing
Wire Frame / Trimming
3 Axis Wireframe
3 Axis Planar
3 Axis Spiral
3 Axis Engraving
3 Axis Radial
3D Plunge Roughing
Z Level Roughing
Z Level Finishing
Advanced Roughing
Equidistant Offset
Advanced Z Level Finish
Project Curves
Advanced Planar
High Speed / Adaptive Roughing
Rest Machining
Parallel Cuts
Cuts Along Curve
Morph Between 2 Curves
Parallel to Multiple Curves
Project Curves
Morph Between 2 Surfaces
Parallel to Surface


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