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We are thrilled to inform you that as a member of our Advantage Plan, you gain access to a wide array of exceptional services. These encompass software updates, comprehensive training documentation, informative videos, webinars, support, and personalized onboarding assistance. In this newsletter, we are delighted to showcase the latest resources tailored specifically for you this week, along with any noteworthy updates to your services.

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We highly value your opinion; your input is crucial in shaping our next training event. We appreciate your active participation in this process. Together, we can create a meaningful and impactful event that meets the needs and preferences of our community. Thank you for taking the time to contribute!

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Machining Order and Tool Tree

Thank you for being a part of our training event! Remember that you’re welcome to revisit our past events at any time, as they will remain accessible for your reference and continued learning. We look forward to having you join us again in the future.


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Before joining our next training event, we recommend you read our blog. Our latest article will give you a quick review of the features we will cover in the next training event.



Software Updates

We just released our latest V35 Update Service Pack 3. See our latest enhancements and fixes.


V35 Service Pack 3

Support Updates

We are proud to share the exciting news that one of our team members, Paul Wever, Support Manager, recently published his article in Mold Making Technology magazine. The article delves into the fascinating topic of leveraging the Equidistant Toolpath for Molds. Paul’s report encircles essential aspects, including Corner Slowdown and Rest Finishing, providing valuable insights into optimizing mold-making processes.


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As a member of our Advantage Plan, you must know that you have access to our dedicated customer service representatives. Whether you require guidance during the installation process, wish to book training sessions, or want to explore the resources available under the Advantage Plan. Our team is here to support you.

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