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A sample program and list of G&M codes is required to complete your post.
Should you not have this available, contact your machine dealer or reference your machine manual.

A list of drilling canned cycles, along with an example for each (if applicable)

A list of G&M codes accepted by the machine, along with their descriptions

The electronic copy of the programming manual

A ZIP File is preferred. If you get a message that says the file type is not an acceptable format place the attachment in a zip folder.

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In order for us to build a post processor to support your machine, we need these things:

  • Only one post request per form, please!
  • NC Program known to work properly on this machine
  • A list of accepted G/M codes (or equivalent for controllers that do not accept G/M codes)
  • Examples and complete descriptions of all desired machining canned cycles

Please include all of the above items (as applicable) with your request and fax, mail, or email it to the contacts listed at the top of this form. After we have reviewed your request, a support representative will contact you at the number above to confirm that we have all that we need or to request additional information if required.

Post Processor Request Form & Checklists

3 Axis Mill or Router Post Request

Multiaxis Mill or Multiaxis Router Post Request

Mill Turn Post Request

Lathe Post Request

Laser/Plasma/Waterjet Post Request

Wire EDM Post Request

Post Processor Modification Request Form


Post Processor Creation/Modification Acknowledgement

Due to the differences in machine options, as well as customer purchased controller options, most customers need post processor modifications of varying extents. Below is a brief outline of the post processor creation/modification flow:

  • Post Creation/Modification Received
  • Reviewed for complete required data
  • Submitted to post queue
  • Post Tech takes next ticket in queue
  • Create Initial creation/modification of post processor
  • Customer contacted to complete Post testing
  • Complete any necessary modifications based on testing results
  • Completed post processor sent to the customer

To reduce any delays in the creation/modification of any needed post processor work all customers need to understand and agree to the following:

  • BobCAD-CAM post processor department staff require correct and accurate information to complete post creation/modification. If all required and requested information is not able to be delivered by the customer a solution to how this information will be obtained must be established at the beginning of the post request cycle or significant delays can be expected.
  • BobCAD-CAM assumes no responsibility for correct code output for customers who are unable/unwilling to deliver all necessary information requested by BobCAD-CAM Posting Department staff.
  • Refunds will not be approved if required data to complete post processor modification/creation is not submitted and received.
  • During the post processor creation/modification process, it is often necessary for the customer to perform testing on the customer’s machine to verify the correct function of the code being generated by the post processor. The BobCAD-CAM post processor department staff rely on the customer providing detailed results of the completed testing in a reasonably short timeframe. When testing has been requested of the customer, BobCAD-CAM Posting Department staff will attempt to make follow up contact with the customer no less than 3 times in a 2 week period. If the customer does not respond or provide testing results within the 2 weeks, the ticket will be noted as “Non Responsive” and the ticket will be closed. When/If the customer responds after the ticket has been closed, the ticket will be re-opened however they have forfeit their position in the queue and will have to wait for their queue position to be reached.