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A sample program and list of G&M codes is required to complete your post.
Should you not have this available, contact your machine dealer or reference your machine manual.

A ZIP File is preferred. If you get a message that says the file type is not an acceptable format place the attachment in a zip folder.

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In order for us to build a post processor to support your machine, we need these things:

  • Only one post request per form, please!
  • NC Program known to work properly on this machine
  • A list of accepted G/M codes (or equivalent for controllers that do not accept G/M codes)
  • Examples and complete descriptions of all desired machining canned cycles

Please include all of the above items (as applicable) with your request and fax, mail, or email it to the contacts listed at the top of this form. After we have reviewed your request, a support representative will contact you at the number above to confirm that we have all that we need or to request additional information if required.

Post Processor Request Form

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