BobCAD-CAM Product Lifecycle

Product Lifecycle

Effective September 1, 2019, BobCAD-CAM Inc will support current software and 2 versions back.

Updates, enhancements and software revisions will only be on the newest software release and customers must have an active support membership to receive software updates.

BobCAD-CAM V19 Mill, BobCAD-CAM V19 Wire, BobCAD-CAM V20, BobCAD-CAM V21 and newer can be eligible for re-registration. In order for software to be eligible for re-registration the software must be properly deauthorized through our registration department. If the software cannot be properly deauthorized a re-registration will not be available.

Dongle keys issued for BobCAD-CAM V22 or BobCAD-CAM V23 are not supported and this system has been discontinued. BobCAD-CAM V22 cannot be re-registered. BobCAD-CAM V23 can be eligible for re-registration but will no longer work with the dongle key. BobCAD-CAM V18 and older cannot be re-registered and must be upgraded to a current version of software.

SolidWorks CAM Plug-in: All versions of BobCAM software are eligible for re-registration.



Currently Supported Versions:

BobCAD-CAM Software Versions

BobCAD-CAM V31 / BobCAD-CAM V32 / BobCAD-CAM V33

BobCAM Software Versions

BobCAM V6 / BobCAM V7 / BobCAM V8


Current Versions Available for Registration:

BobCAD-CAM Software Versions

Version 19 Mill / Version 19 Wire / Version 20 / Version 21 / Version 23 / Version 24 / Version 25 / Version 26 / Version 27 / Version 28 / Version 29 / Version 30 / Version 31 / Version 32 / Version 33

BobCAM Software Versions

BobCAM V1 / BobCAM V2 / BobCAM V3 / BobCAM V4 / BobCAM V5 / BobCAM V6 / BobCAM V7 / BobCAM V8