Tech Tuesday: 3 Ways to Deburr Parts with CAD CAM

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Want better looking parts that are safer to handle? Deburring part features with either a chamfer or fillet is a great way to accomplishes this, but there’s one problem…. They can be difficult to program, time consuming to setup, and lacked automation until now.

3 Ways to Deburr with CAD CAM

BobCAD’s New Deburring toolpath makes it so easy to toolpath these historically tricky part features. Let’s take a look at 3 examples the New Deburring toolpath makes it easy for anyone to program.

#1: Multi-Level Pockets and Profiles

Deburring Multi-Level Pockets

Deburring is a perfect choice for pockets and profiles at different Z levels. Why? Because it’s a model based with built-in collision checking. This means you select your model, define the size of chamfer or fillet, and hit calculate. This toolpath does everything else for you. Eliminating the need to use toolpath extensions to trim back profiles or adjusting tool position to drop the cutter down to keep it away from the walls. Use one machining feature to deburr all part edges with a fillet or chamfer.

Deburring Multi-Level Pockets Toolpaths

#2: 3 Axis Chamfers and Fillets

3 Axis Chamfers and Fillets

Our next example is one you’ll run into after surface machining any part. In the past programming edge breaks like this took a little creativity. Maybe you created your own center line path or used a strategy like equidistant offset with guide curves to tackle these compound curves. Regardless of your workflow, programming features like this was time consuming for desired results.

Using the New Deburring toolpath to create 3D chamfers / fillets is made so much easier. Just select your model, define the size of the break you want and let the software do the rest for you.

Deburring wizard

Choose from automatic edge detection or user defined where you can pick which edges you want to break.

3 Axis Chamfers and Fillets_toolpath

#3: Intersections and Undercuts

Intersections and undercuts

In our last example, we want to change our tooling from a ball mill to a lollipop cutter to allow for undercutting. Even though we are still programming in 3 Axis, the lollipop cutter allows us to reach part features we couldn’t with a ball mill.

The New Deburring toolpath is the perfect option to deburr cross hole intersections. Just select your model and let this new toolpath do the rest, which makes cross hole edge breaking effortless. If you’ve struggled in the past with surface-based toolpaths, you’ll find deburring so much easier to use.

There you have it, 3 ways you can use BobCAD’s New Deburring toolpath for edge breaking chamfers and fillets.

Deburr your parts while on the machine. collision free, automatically lead in/out, 3 Axis Chamfers, 3 Axis Fillets, Under cutting and more! This toolpath supports 4 & 5 Axis edge breaking, which we’ll talk about another time.

Want to try it for yourself? Download for BobCAM for Solidworks V9 and the NEW BobCAD V34!

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