The Importance of CAD-CAM Software Post Processors for CNC Machining

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CAD-CAM software post processors allow the machinist to generate NC programs that are correctly configured and translated for each individual CNC machine controller. Mach 3 is a highly popular PC-based control software used for CNC retrofits as well as large or small CNC machinery that have been hobby or home built.

cnc machine controlThe Post Processor controls the format of the G-code produced by BobCAD-CAM. In CAD-CAM, machine toolpaths tell the machine control where to drive the cutting tool to machine. The G-Code program contains this information and a lot more in the form of G and M codes in most cases. The NC program contains machine tool commands that indicate what the CNC needs to do.
Generally a post processor will include:

• File Header Send Characters
• Default Program Header / Safety Lines
• Use of Cutter Compensation (Profile Cutting)
• Work Offsets
• Feed Rate Output
• Tool Height Offsets
• Point to Point Motion 3+1 Axis
• Tool Change Calls
• Canned Cycles Data & Commands
• Program End Codes
• File Trailer Codes

There are as many CAD-CAM post processors as there are CNC machine controllers. Some are simple and some require multiple drill banks and more complicated type of posts. Some canned cycles need to be supported in the actual software interface via functionality type dialog boxes so that the machinist can enter information into them when programming the toolpath. This is why a lot of CAD-CAM companies will allow VB scripting capabilities so that when a machine type is selected the software changes to add these dialog boxes to the system. It is most important to check with your CAD-CAM provider for custom changes to the software for posting.

Very common CNC machines are Haas, Hurco, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, GE Fanuc, Fadal & Mazak. There are many. The chances of a CAD-CAM provider already having a working post processor for these machine brands are very high. And if the provider doesn’t have one for your CNC machine, they will configure one for you most likely free of charge.

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