The Importance of CAD-CAM Training in CNC Machining and Manufacturing

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The true power and versatility of CNC machine programming can only be harnessed with CAD-CAM software training. Throughout the history of the CAD-CAM software industry, companies have boasted huge advancements in technology that save time and provide better designed and better machined parts.


CAD-CAM Training is Important

insight-guaranteed-specialist-cnc-topics-siemensThe reality is that no software or program can replace a skilled machinist. A well trained machinist is the necessary connection between designing and programming parts correctly and actually machining the part correctly. From training, machinists learn advanced CNC software techniques to help them complete everyday tasks more efficiently. Training seminars help CNC programmers learn shortcuts to simplify the part-making process, saving time and money in the shop. In order to maximize work efficiency, users must invest time in learning how new tool path options work and how to implement them into a shop.

Beyond direct benefits for the shop, in general, training improves the machinist’s confidence and satisfaction. Investing company resources in furthering employee’s skills shows them that they are valued and appreciated, all while challenging them to learn more and get more involved in their jobs. Higher job satisfaction ultimately benefits the company in reduced turnover rates and higher productivity. It also aids in the recruiting process, since a company willing to dedicate resources to employees is more attractive for a potential hire, and makes the selection process easier since the company may be more willing to hire a desirable candidate who lacks a specific skill. BobCAD-CAM has put a lot of energy into customer training so that the path to successful CNC production is easier. Training options include:

  • Training Videos
  • Web-based online training
  • On-Site Training Classes
  • On-Site Training Classes

A shop should consider training its current and future employees on the full capabilities of CAD-CAM CNC programming in order to produce the best products possible. Shops must be willing to invest the necessary time and resources to bring their employee’s skill potential to full fruition. We understand the importance of a good machinist and offers shops a solution through a variety of training options, including: onsite, online seminars, web-based help, and more. We work with companies and individuals on all sizes and at all levels to create the best training solution at the best cost. Call Training Director Gus Kasimos directly at 727.442.3554 ext 137 to discuss the best training options for your business.

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