What’s New in V30 CAD Webinar Q & A

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What can you do to sharpen the display of geometry?

You can change the wireframe and surface/solid display accuracy, or you could toggle on antialiasing.


Is there a way to center text within a wireframe?

Yes, using the dynamic drawing features of V30 you can select, drag and snap geometry into location.


Can you put text along a curve centered on its midpoint?

Yes, using fit text to curve you can center text along a single arc, spline or chain.


Can you draw a specific size rectangle?

Yes, the rectangle drawing feature allows you to enter the size and origin location.


When using dynamic scale, is the size proportional to all area?

Yes, the scale is proportional in XYZ.


What is the best way to do a cross section and then save as a 2D file?

Using section view.


What is the easiest way to create a multi-view drawing?

Create a print for each view separately, use a screen capture software and create one document with all your views.

What’s the easiest way to draw a metric part from print and convert it to inches?

Change the part units from mm to inch.


My machine is set in metric can I draw in inches and post in metric?

Yes, your post can default to a unit or post based on the unit format of the drawing you’re working on.


Can you sweep along a 3D Spline?

Yes you can, sweep supports 2D and 3D chains, however, you do not have twist control at this time.


Can you sweep a helix?

Yes, you can, you can sweep 2D flat profiles, 3D Chains and helical profiles.


Can you use a sweep surface to cut a solid in a boolean process?

Yes, you’ll need to cap the ends off and stitch the surfaced to a solid. Once a solid, you can boolean add, subtract or even intersect.


What information do you get from a solid?

Volume Data and surface area.


Can you add surfaces to a solid?

You can using stitching.


Can Imprint be used on imported models?

Yes, Imprint works on solid models, drawn or open in BobCAD.

How is Imprint different than a boolean subtract?

Imprint uses 1 solid and 1 wire frame profile, where boolean subtract uses at least 2 solids.

Will you be doing any BobCAM Webinars?

Yes, we will be hosting BobCAM webinars, use this link to check the webinar schedule and sign up for notifications.

Will You be covering 4 Axis simultaneous?

Yes, our webinar series will touch on all modules of the BobCAD product line.

When is the next webinar for V30?

Next week, and you don’t want to miss it. Use this link to sign up now.

If you are on service subscription, how do you get the upgrade to V30?

We will send you a download link and new license codes after the release of a new version. If you haven’t received yours yet, please contact [email protected].

Does BobCAD offer Educational Discounts?

Yes, we do. For more information about our educational programs contact the Educational Director, Cody Sheppard, at [email protected]

What’s the easiest way to draw a metric part from print and convert it to inches?

Change the part units from mm to inches.

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