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What kind of resources does BobCAD Live link to?

What can you do with the newly updated BobCAD Live Page? This “in-app resource” is designed to keep all your major BobCAD resources in one location that can be accessed inside or outside the software.

Help System

What software system is complete without a help system? This long-time resource for all CAD-CAM users starts with looking up topics or keywords about issues or features you want to learn about. Step-by-step examples, tutorials, explanations, and more can all be found in the BobCAD help system.

Knowledge Base

A spin-off of our help systems is our web-based articles. These sharable online resources address high-traffic topics or things users tend to question. The technical support team adds new “documents” each week, and it’s a great place to look for answers you didn’t find in the help system.

Setup a Demo

Looking to upgrade, set up a demo to learn about new features in the software, higher software levels, or when you add the mill turn package for the live tooling lathe you keep talking about every year? No matter what you are upgrading, it’s best to look first and see what’s included and how it works. This link makes this faster and easier for anyone who wants to” see the new stuff in action.”

Getting Setup

Everybody has to start somewhere, and if you are new to BobCAD CAM or software in general, use this to get started—step-by-step instructions to install, register and use your software.

Schedule Onboarding Call

Get up to speed faster with your one-on-one onboarding call; trying to figure out what to do next? Use this to schedule the call that gets you on the path to success with BobCAD.

Launchpad Learning Center

Launchpad has replaced our previous training video format, and this online training tool comes with all the files, CAD and CAM, videos, and step-by-step instructions to learn what we found most users need for CAD, Milling, Turning, and Mill Turn. More advanced users can choose from post-processor and machine-building courses.

BobCAD Support Side

As a BobCAD customer, you need resources, including post-processors, community support, tech bulletins, weekly training events, and more.

Onsite Training

Get an onsite training package when you need someone at your shop to help. Our training team is on the road all year round, helping shops like yours reach their maximum level of performance; if you need to get the needle moving, get onsite training, where we come to you!

Schedule Line Online Training

With BobCAD’s new service-first approach, all advantage plans included one-on-one training hours. Previously, users had to purchase these training hours one at a time, at $200 an hour. We can fully support your team by including 8 hours with your members.

Download post processors.

Change a machine or shop; you might need a different post-processor. Use this link to search and download a post-processor from our online library.

Check for Software updates.

To keep your software running at its best possible performance, you should keep up with updates. Go here to check for new builds.

Connect with Support – Screen Sharing Access Points

Getting help if needed; talking with someone on the phone is great, but being closer to someone is better. Screen sharing assistance allows you and the tech you are working with to see and share computer screens and control. This training method is commonly preferred by both the CAD CAM operator and the tech.

BobCAD Blog Post

Over 200 new features were added to the software in the last three years. To learn about what’s new, read our blog posts.

BobCAD-CAM software is used to increase CNC productivity for applications like aerospace, automotive, production manufacturing, mold making, general machining, woodworking, medical manufacturing, consumer products, musical instruments, custom fabrication, defense industry, and many others. It is used to generate NC programming code for various CNC controllers automatically. CAD CAM machining technology for 2, 3, 4 & 5 Axis CNC Mill, Lathe Mill Turn, Routing, Waterjet, Plasma and Laser machines, Wire EDM, and Robots.

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