BobCAD-CAM Showing New CAD-CAM Software at WESTEC

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BobCAD-CAM CAD-CAM Software for CNC Programming at WESTECAttendees of the WESTEC manufacturing expo are the first trade show group to see the brand new BobCAD-CAM Version 28 CAD-CAM software for CNC programming. The recently released software represents one of the company’s largest software debuts in company history as their software now supports nearly every machine type and configuration in use today.

Released in July 2015, the software includes a wide variety of improvements and additions that allow for quicker and easier part designing and CNC programming. The new features include:

  • Round-Corners-for-Advanced-Planar-Off-LARGEDrilling Multiple Depths in a Single Feature
  • New Drilling Options (Standard Drilling, Multiaxis Drilling, Cross Drilling)
  • Advanced Retract Options
  • Use Cylindrical Surfaces to Automatically Set Drilling Parameters
  • Hole Geometry Selection Manager
  • Smart Filtering of Geometry Selections
  • Ability to Use Custom Tool Shapes
  • Perpendicular Stepover for Advanced Planar
  • Round Corners for Advanced Planar
  • Tabbing for 2 Axis Profiling
  • Linking Added to 2 Axis Advanced Pocket
  • Side & Bottom Allowance
  • Wrapped Toolpath Improvements
  • Trim to Stock for 4 Axis Rotary
  • Revolve Stock Type
  • Snap Increments for Dynamic Drawing
  • Workpiece Selection for Simulation
  • Set Default Stock Transparency
  • New Simulation Interface
  • Learn More!

Mill Turn Simulation in the BobCAD-CAM CAD-CAM SoftwarIn addition, the company also released an all-new Mill Turn CAD-CAM software module that supports CNC mill turn / multitasking machines. The Mill Turn module allows for programming of multiple turrets, multiple spindles, & steady rests and supports live C axis milling, Y axis milling, and B axis (5 axis) milling heads.

Representatives from BobCAD-CAM’s development and technical teams will be on hand at the company’s booth (#1827) to provide one-on-one software demonstrations and answer questions. The demonstrations will cover all of the new functionality in addition to the core features that have made BobCAD-CAM one of the easiest and most powerful CAD-CAM software available today, including:

  • Dynamic Machining Strategies™
  • High Speed Adaptive Machining
  • Wizard Driven Interface
  • Advanced Machine Simulations
  • Surfaced Based Toolpaths
  • Dynamic Drawing
  • And More!

 “We’re excited to bring the new V28 software to WESTEC this year,” said Sean Owen, COO of BobCAD-CAM. “Not only did we make major upgrades to the core software, but we also launched a completely new CAD-CAM module with Mill Turn capabilities. This is a very significant addition to our product line as we can now offer a full CAD-CAM solution to nearly ever type of machine shop.”

WESTEC begins Tuesday, September 15, 2015 and runs through Thursday, September 17. Full demonstrations are available at the BobCAD-CAM booth #1827 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. One-on-one demonstrations are available for walk-ups and can be pre-scheduled by calling 877-262-2231.

Show Special Pricing

WESTEC attendees will have access to show exclusive CAD-CAM product specials – available through the end of the show.

BobCAD-CAM Version 28

BobCAD-CAM Version 28 software and new Mill Turn module demos are available for download at the company’s website

Download A Free CAD-CAM Software Demo V28

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BobCAD-CAM Showing New CAD-CAM Software at WESTEC
Article Name
BobCAD-CAM Showing New CAD-CAM Software at WESTEC
Attendees of the WESTEC manufacturing expo are the first trade show group to see the brand new BobCAD-CAM Version 28 CAD-CAM software for CNC programming.

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