BobCAD-CAM Training Event in Minneapolis, MN

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BobCAD-CAM, Inc., a world leader in powerful and affordable CAD/CAM software, will host a 3-day certification training seminar near Minneapolis in Eagan, MN July 8-10.

BobCAD-CAM training events are designed to help shop owners, designers, and machine operators get the most out of their CNC machines. These instructional seminars empower participants to solve everyday machining problems with the goal of increasing shop performance and profitability.

Enhance Your CAD/CAM Knowledge

CNC CAD-CAM Software Training Seminars Minneapolis MinnesotaAttendees of this seminar can expect to become proficient with the BobCAD-CAM Mill and CAD modules. The instructor will include a complete software overview as well as detailed walkthroughs on operational shortcuts, CAD 3D Drawing, stock wizards, toolpaths, simulations, post processors, and much more [Click here for a full curriculum]. This training event is designed to be fully interactive so participants are encouraged to bring any questions they may have.

A separate evening course is also being offered for attendees of the Minneapolis seminar. These additional courses are scheduled to cover certification training for the BobART and Lathe modules.

This seminar is perfect for people that are new to BobCAD-CAM, experienced BobCAD-CAM users that want to know more, and anyone looking to attain a professional operator certification.

CLICK HERE to register and explore the full list of covered topics. For more information or to register by phone, call Gus Kasimos at [877] 262-2231 ext. 137.

BobCAD-CAM instructors provide training seminars year-round, in cities across the globe. Visit our Training Schedule to find out when a BobCAD-CAM instructor is coming to a city near you.

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Demo the Latest CAD-CAM Software for CNC Machining

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BobCAD-CAM Training Event in Minneapolis, MN
BobCAD-CAM is scheduled to host an instructor led CAD/CAM software certification training course in Minneapolis, MN July 8-10 for the Mill, CAD, Lathe, and BobART modules.

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