BobCAD-CAM Will Show CAM Software at SOLIDWORKS World 2015

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BobCAD-CAM announces they will be exhibiting and showing their latest CAM CNC programming solutions at SOLIDWORKS World 2015 this February 8-11, 2015 in Phoenix Arizona at booth #516.

bobcam-v4-equidistant-3-axis-toolpath-500The Latest BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS CAM software provides a Gold Partner integrated solution for SOLIDWORKS users that need CNC programming capabilities for 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 Axis CNC milling as well as complete 2 Axis CAM programming technology for CNC Lathe. BobCAD-CAM released the 4th generation CAM add-in to SOLIDWORKS in late 2014 providing 2D & 3D machining technology to streamline the CNC programming phase of machining for SOLIDWORKS users where the part file can be used without having to export the file into an external CAM system. Keeping the CAM technology inside of the native SOLIDWORKS environment makes the entire process less foreign and easier to learn for success.

The new BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS v4 Gold Partner CAM system offers manufacturers advantages to programming the toolpath and G-Code right inside of the latest SOLIDWORKS product. The BobCAM v4 add-in is the latest in CNC programming and now provides Dynamic Machining Strategies™, major machining operation enhancements, customizable Setup Sheets and so much more! With a new simplified CAM-Job Tree and added benefits such as new Tool Patterns for adding multiple machining strategies within a feature, the ability to copy and paste machining features within the CAM Tree Manager, Multi-Depth 3 Axis Engraving and new posting features. The new BobCAM v4 answers the call for enhancing the NC programming experience and streamlining productivity without ever having to leave your SOLIDWORKS environment!

Learn more about BobCAM v4 for SOLIDWORKS HERE

If you are a SOLIDWORKS user with an interest or need for CAM CNC machining technology, you will want to visit BobCAD-CAM at Booth #516 to get a live demonstration, ask questions and meet their staff.


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