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Clearwater, FL – I’m Charlie Westcott, CEO of Militia Products and have been using BobCAD-CAM software since 2008. It’s the only CAM system I will use for machining. When I look back at things I can say I was forced into this business because I was having a hard time communicating my ideas to a CAD guy, and from there to the shop floor it seemed like it would never get done in a reasonable time frame. And so, rolled up my sleeves and got busy. I started out making billet intake manifolds, then machining blocks, pistons, rocker arm stands oil pumps, etc. And here you can see me setting a national record.

For those of you that love racing, here’s what things looked like from inside the car!

I Bought my first machine, a HAAS VF-3SS in November of 09. I had seen machines like that work at a shop in town and felt that it was time to make the move to CNC. They used Mastercam at the time but I was hoping I could get into a CAM/CNC software program for less than that. I had been designing parts to be machined by others for a couple years prior to this, so I already had my feet wet. After I got my HAAS CNC machine I had to learn mostly on my own how to machine things.

I had some help from a friend, but he has a job so his time was limited, and couldn’t help me with everything. This was where BobCAD-CAM software really helped me get things done faster and easier.
In 2011 I bought a HAAS ST-30 lathe new, and used BC to make camshafts, valves, retainers, piston ring grooves etc. This year I put a Landis CNC cam grinder into service. I like the fact that I can think about it, design it, make it, and use it. All on my own. The bottom line is that I started out with no cnc or CAD/CAM software experience. But because I was able to learn through BobCAD’s training videos and watching tutorials after I bought my first version, I was able to achieve what I wanted. I saved a lot of money over what other shops I know were spending, and my ability to take a chance on software ended up paying off big time! Thanks.

Charlie Westcott | CEO – Militia Products
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