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May 15, 2012 – Each month BobCAD-CAM wants to feature customers that use their software for CNC machining.

This month we have chosen Doug Wilcott of TDC Machine Specialties.

“I started the business 2 years ago part time while being a crew chief for a Camping world Truck Series. About 1 year ago I picked up a used a Mazak VTC. As manual machinist from the 80″s I had to learn CNC . I found that I needed to do something to speed up my part making because standing at the controller was just not the place to be. As a small shop with a limited budget, I was looking solution I could afford. After doing research on the internet and some recommendations from friends I choose BobCAD-CAM!”

“With a SolidWorks background and passion for part making I am so excited to take my part time business to a full time job. Thanks to BobCAD-CAM I can take on bigger and better paying jobs.”

“When it comes to profiles I am saving at least1/3 of the time it took programming the part at the controller. I draw the part up, pick the process , call the tools I need and post it. It’s just that easy and I have the machine running!”
Dough Wilcott | TDC Machine Specialties

For over 25 years BobCAD-CAM has continued to provide shops small and large with CAD/CAM programming solutions that save time and increase profits. Download a FREE trial today and see for yourself why so many shops love BobCAD-CAM software! You’ll be glad you did.

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