CAD-CAM Dynamic Machining Strategies

Posted October 7, 2013 3:27 pm   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

dynamic machining strategies cad-cam technologyClearwater, Florida – With v26 CAD-CAM software released, BobCAD-CAM offers a new, unique concept in CAM technology – Dynamic Machining Strategies™. DMS™ functionality allows users to apply any number of machining operations to a single CAD model feature, as well as allows on-the-fly editing of these operations. You now have the ability to load a single machining strategy or multiple strategies into one operation inside of the CAM Tree Manager. This new functionality has been developed into the Machining Wizards of the software to remove the guesswork of where they are and how to use them and provide the maximum amount of efficiency in terms of programming workflow. The result saves time, since users do not need to continuously re-pick geometry over and over again to apply an operation as they did in earlier versions of the software. This ability cannot be found anywhere else in the CAM industry for the same low price.

In the past, machining strategies have been fixed based on the types of operations available. With v26, BobCAD-CAM has moved to support multiple, dynamic operations via DMS on a feature level. A “feature”, by definition, is part of the CAD model and pertains to the geometry. When a model is loaded, users may choose any combination of machining operations to machine for one feature. For example, if you want to drill a hole, you may need to use a smaller drill to predrill. With v26, there is no need to edit the Tool Pattern to add the predrill hole; you simply add another drill operation to the hole “feature”. This concept is the heart of DMS.
As an exceptional functionality in CAD-CAM Software, DMS provides improvements in workflow efficiency for 3,4 & 5 axis machining. For example, you may add several finish passes simply by adding more operations to the feature. Operations do not share parameters, allowing independent control over each operation. For example, you can have your finish operations start in a different location than your roughing operations without using multiple features. Ultimately, DMS provides users more flexibility and control in employing machining strategies for each job.

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